Sunday, December 26, 2010

December At-A-Glance

Things have been busy, life has been getting in the way of my blog, I thought I would try to make this post about quality, rather than quantity....quality may vary.

~Dec 3/2010 was the 1CER Christmas Dinner. It's our annual night out with friends we rarely get to see. It was a good night. I also got to have a coffee and a chat with my good friend Delusional Mom that afternoon....that visit was almost as good as the dinner and dance.   (I like it alot)  ;)
My friend and I in our party dresses

Me and my Hubby
~I worked a lot in December. Picked up a client, dropped a very part-time client. I won't say I love cleaning, but, it gives me the freedom to be there when my kiddos need me.
~Took photos of the kids for Family gifts. I think they turned out to be pretty good.
My Four Fabulous Kids

4 Kids and the Pooch
~Christmas Concerts for the 3 younger kids, super cute and made this Mama a little teary. Not long ago, they just sat there and refused to they are little performers, stealing the show ( in my humble opinion). No photos for this. The battery in the camera died as soon as I tried to take the first shot.
~First band concert for the oldest. Brought back memories for this band geek. He doesn't love it like I did, but he did a great job, and the kids sounded good.
~Mom, Dad and my sis were here over Christmas. Loved having them, hopefully they enjoyed it half as much as I did.

~I did not win the local BL challenge I joined back in October.....but I came in 4th out of 11. The good news is that we are starting again in January, and I have some new workouts to throw into the mix. This time, the pot will be mine. 

I'm sure we did much more than this. In fact, I know we did, but most of the days are a blur. Let's just say it was a good month, and I'm hoping for more of the same in 2011. one boxing day deal today.
But, the ones I bought are chocolate brown, and I swear they were made for me personally. :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boo! It's Time for Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween. Around here, that means it's time for carving pumpkins. roasting the seeds, and hoping the costumes the kids picked fit, hold together, and are still something they want to wear.
I don't do the decorating thing. Maybe a few spider webs, or caution tape. In years past I did the little pumpkin and ghost bags in the tree. Not now though....maybe I'm becoming a Halloween Grinch....or, maybe it's just that the kids are older.
#1 Son wasn't even going to go Trick or Treating. He's 12, and I know he would have been bummed when #2, #3, and Littlest came home with bags 'o candy ( and I am certain they would not share willingly). So, Ogre Mom that I am, I am making him go. Next year, he can be in charge of taking his siblings out and about. ;)

It's looking like the temp will be above zero tomorrow in the early evening, so added bonus, no snow suits under the costumes! Oh, to live in a place where this is not something to be considered.

Happy Halloween all.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Been One Week........................

OK, so, a week short a day....I couldn't think of a better title. This was often a stumbling block for me in school. I could write an essay with one eye closed, one hand tied behind my back ( as long as it was my left) the night before it was due and pull off a mark in the high 90's. Usually my title was less than inspired ( such as the one at the top of this post), and it often came back to me with red ink on it.

But, that's not at all what this post is about today....well, I guess it kind of is now.....oh shoot, there I go again! NEXT TOPIC PLEASE!

So, last week, I talked a little about the photos I had done in the city by a fabulous group of ladies at Edmonton Boudoir Photography, and I had said I might share a couple of the shots right here. I love, love, love these pictures. I said it last time, and I'll say it again: You would never know they are me if you walked by me on the street. In everyday life I am Mom in my uniform of jeans, t-shirt and a hoodie. In these pictures.....well, I'll post them and you'll see ( especially if you know me in real life).

 I truly feel every woman should do this at least once ( and if you're in Edmonton, I highly recommend this company of women). I'll carry the good feelings from this photo shoot for a long time. Thanks girls!

I had my Picture Day on Sunday (the 17th), then this past Wednesday joined a weightloss challenge  here in my little town.I was only at the meeting for a short time ( hubby had an appointment he had to keep), but on short acquaintance, the women participating seem like a good bunch. I didn't know a soul ( 2 years living here has not led to a lot of social outings), but everyone was very friendly. I guess it was because we were all there for the same thing: to lose some weight , and win a little cash!   Weigh in is tomorrow, so, we'll see how the first week went.

This little competition is just the push I am needing. If you're a follower, you know that I have been working on this whole "Healthy Lifestyle" thing for awhile. In the past couple of months, the fitness part of things has been pretty good, but the diet.....meh.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

....In a Nutshell

It's been a bit since I last posted. So much to catch up on, hate to bore you all.
Here it is in a nutshell:
~#2 has been having a much better time at school. Mrs. Gr.4 has been wonderful! PB has left #2 alone, for the most part. This past Monday, PB had another go at him. Before #2 even had a chance to say anything, another kid from his class told PB to leave him (#2) alone. I'd call that progress.
~ I went into the city this weekend and had photos done again, courtesy of Edmonton Boudoir Photography . It was my second time, and the experience was wonderful. The first time was back in April, 2009 (  I was very nervous then). I hate being in front of the camera as a general rule, but, somehow, this is so different. I can't wait to see them....maybe I'll even post a couple here on the ol' blog.
~I spent a few days in the city ( figured I'd make the most of it). There is never enough time while I'm there to see everyone I want to see, and do all the things I miss. This visit I stayed with my friend L and her 2 girls. L and I went and saw "Salt" , the Angelina Jolie spy movie. As a general rule, I really don't like her....but, the movie was a pretty decent action flick. Leiv Schreiber is also in it, and I love to watch him.  ;)
~Monday I met up with a friend who has known me longer than anyone I'm not related fabulous friend K. We reconnected a little over a year ago via Facebook, and I'm so thankful for that. She brought the new addition, baby girl K ( same initial, different name), and we wandered around Ikea and had a bite of lunch.

The only dark spot in the entire weekend was the first day I was there. I stopped in at the Starbuck's closest to L's place, for a caramel macchiato of course. I'm walking toward the store across the parking lot when....I'm frantically trying to keep my balance and not fall on my face! I had managed to find a dip in the asphalt, and had stepped into it, rolling my left ankle. In the time it took for me to take 3 stumbling, fumbling, ungainly steps these thoughts flashed through my mind: "I can't get road rash! I have photos tomorrow! I can't fall, I'll break my wrist, maybe both of them! How will I drive home on Monday? OMG! I must look absolutely ridiculous!". By some miracle, I stayed upright, barely.
So, there I am standing in the parking lot, doing an internal check. Heart is racing, hand are shaking...oh good, held on to my travel mug ( I love that mug)....oh  no, oh crap. My left calf, the very same one I have injured a couple of time in my C25K journey, is on fire! (  By the next morning, the back of that knee, and thigh were also giving my grief). So back to limping and squeaking when I have to crouch down. :( Oh, I nearly forgot! To top it all off, I look up, and there is a police officer in his cruiser, having a laugh at my expense. Could have been worse, I know.
Happy Wednesday folks!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bring in Your Bullies

Bullying. Is there anything more hurtful to a child? Many of us have been through it at school, at work, and sadly,even in family settings.
Last year, son #2 had a tough year. Between his teacher, Mrs. Grade Three , and one Particular boy, he never wanted to go back to school again. This year, his teacher, Mrs. Grade Four, is a wonderful woman, she sees #2 for the kid he is, and accepts him. Unfortunately, Particular Boy ( as he will be known from this point on), is in his class again.
It started out well enough. they played at recess, #2 was happy. Then, after the honeymoon period, it began to fall apart. #2 started to withdraw, and that familiar shoulder-slump returned. Yesterday, after asking him a number of times what was wrong...we quietly says " PB ( Particular Boy) says no one cares about me. No one likes me. he keeps saying it." Broke my heart. "He says I'm No Friends, over and over". Heart breaks a little more. Son #2 is a sensitive kid,he takes things to heart.

We have told all our kids they don't have to let anyone make them feel bad. If someone hurts them physically, they have the right to protect themselves. If someone hurts them with words, they can and should  tell whoever it is to LEAVE THEM ALONE. ( Yesterday Son #2 told PB "You're a bully!" I was a proud Mama)

I sent a message to Mrs Grade Four right away. I was assured she'd look into it. To my surprise ( and delight), SHE DID! She spoken to both of them, PB has been put on notice, Son #2 has been told to tell her if anything else happens. She also told them both to stay away from each other on the playground, and she will re-visit the issue next week.

After last year with Mrs Grade Three poo-pooing our bullying concerns ( since she is a bully herself, I guess we couldn't have hoped for more), and the Principal giving a half-assed effort to take  care of things, this is a positive thing. I'm not sure it will be the end of things, but at least the beginning looks promising.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What the Heck?

Oh Wednesday. That day in the middle of the week that's a little better than Monday, but not quite close enough to Friday.

Today was Littlest's PT assessment....let me just say that I didn't think she needed it, but, we're playing their little reindeer games so we can get her Speech Therapy going again.

Anyway, on with the appointment....she did NOT want to play today. It all started when the PT asked her to 'Stand on one foot and balance." Littlest's shoulders slumped, and her face said it all "This again?"

I am sure the PT and the OT are well meaning women who firmly believe in what they are doing, but I think they are a tad misguided in this case.

My daughter is 6 years old. I do not expect her to have neatly printed, well formed letters. I would never expect her to catch a tennis ball in one hand when it is thrown at her....why would I? 99% of the time I can't.

We did learn today that she has a wicked arm, and decent aim....when the PT asked Littlest to throw the ball at her, and throw it she did. Over-hand even.  I may have chuckled inappropriately ( but quietly).

Next week,the first Speech session. Should be interesting. ;)

Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Monday

~I Love Train, but I am tired of hearing "Soul Sister" every commercial break.

~ My children ( I love my children, I love my children) are finding new ways to drive me nuts. Playing that sounds like whining/fighting is the best. ( No it isn't)

~I don't think a cheese turkey-burger would taste just as good as a real cheeseburger.

~ Walking home after school is getting very frustrating. No matter how far I move over on the sidewalk with my kids, the tide of teens we walk home against, I always get elbowed. They're bigger than me and mine. One of us is going to end up on the ground.

...............One day I might throw an elbow back.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Plan of Action...well, planning for the plan

Action my not be the right word, but "Plan of Attack" sounded a little extreme.

So, Photography.......still want to do it......still need a decent camera......still haven't come up with a way to get it, or take the course in question. I guess, on looking at it again, maybe jumping in with both feet isn't the best way to go. If I were honest I still WANT to jump in, but the responsible part of my life is making that next to impossible.

The next best thing to taking an actual course, is to read up on the subject myself. For now, I'm on a waiting list for these books at my (little) local library. If they feel like the right thing for me, maybe I'll even buy them. (I hate the name "...For Dummies" but the books are very informative).
There have been so many things I have wanted to do in my life, but, being a mom to my Screaming Meemies, and a wife to my husband, well, that's taken a lot of my time ( and it was how I wanted to do it).

Now that everyone is a little older, and out of diapers ( they really take up a lot of time), I'd like to expand my horizons.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well, What Now?

All my kids are in school 5 days a week now. All 4. Long have I awaited this day. No diapers, no naps, no whinging and crying.....I imagined my days to be soul soothing and relaxing, full of all the things I was never able to do when the kiddos were little.

Well, I have had all this "free" time for nearly a month's not everything I thought it would be. I know, shocking ( insert sarcastic font).

I have my cleaning job twice a week ( more time with me, myself and I), so at least I see 4 other walls a couple times a week. I go grocery shopping ( my fridge, storage room shelves and pantry are full to bursting), and I work out a few days a week.

This probably sounds like a good deal to those of you that work full time, and wish your schedule was as wide open (like a dark, yawning chasm) as mine. In a lot of ways, I am very thankful for my lack things to do. It makes it easy for me to take the Princess to her Speech and OT appointments. If one of my children are sick, no problem getting time off to stay home with them. The ability to just decide to pack the kids up and head down to my parents' place for a long weekend is priceless.

Here's where I am though, despite all those wonderful blessings. I am lonely, and I am going to go shack wacky once the weather turns....and it will, we do live in Alberta after all.

There are a few things I'd love to do.....but one that has been circling around in my mind for years is: PHOTOGRAPHY! I love taking pictures, always have. I'd love to take fabulous pictures, maybe make it into a business, instead of just a hobby.

I don't even need to practice on other people right 4 gorgeous kids will make fabulous (free) models. My little dog could have his own calendar. I could fill SD card after SD card with shots of the clouds that roll through these big, wide prairie skies! ( see, I am excited about it!)

After I went for boudoir shots ( yes, and they are beautiful!), I was so, so happy. I want to make people feel like that!

I could take a course online, learn the tricks of the trade, lighting, editing, all that jazz. I'd need a decent camera. The one I own presently is persnickety ('s almost ready.....crap, missed it!). I'd also need a little $$$$$$.............nothing is free folks ( as I keep telling my kids).

Anyone willing to donate for the good of my education?????   ;)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Squeak, Squeak, Groan...How Badly do I have to Pee?

So, yesterday I shared with you all my trials and tribulations.....My woe about injuring myself.

Well, I felt worse as the day went on. My calf still hurts, but not as much as my quads!!!!!

It seems that the new Jillian DVD was a tougher workout than I thought initially. I am so, so, sore....I literally squeak when getting into a sitting position ( going pee is especially bad), and I groan when I get up ( that's where I got the witty name for my blog).

I did not workout this morning. I stayed in bed like a good girl, then went and did my 2 hour cleaning job. Did I mention the house I clean is a split level? Stairs! Stairs all the time!

When I got home, I decided I had to do some exercise, if only to loosen up my quads. I did Leslie Sansone's Muscle Mile ( I went super easy on the kicks), then I did 25 minutes of upper body ST.

I think yesterday's blog came from a place of panic, my old "All or Nothing" way of thinking. Today, I learned a new lesson....go with the flow. Just because I can't run, doesn't mean I have to stop moving. I have some photos I am getting done in a month or 2, and I want to be looking fierce and fit! ( Edmonton Boudoir Photography  )

Fluffy cried a little when she realized I was going to go ahead and get our body moving...her voice is getting quieter every day. HA!

Now I am baking banana bread ( my secret recipe, shared only with a select few), doing laundry and marinating chicken for supper.....I am the DG.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How Much Do I Owe the Swear Jar?

On the schedule this morning: C25K, Week 4, Day up at the crack o`stupid, geared up, and hit the road.
I was sore from my workout yesterday ( more on that later), but not horribly so (ie: I didn`t squeak when getting into a sitting position).
I did the 5 minute brisk walk to warm up, and was totally ready for the first interval. The chime thingy sounded, and off I went. I was being very careful, trying to stay on beat ( I ran too fast last time) and for about a minute I felt awesome! I was just thinking "I can do this!", as I stepped up from the street to the sidewalk....and felt this horrible, searing pain in my calf ( same one from a few runs back).....I'm not proud, but I cursed...ok, I let loose a string of bad words. ( It was early, no one was around).

I stopped (obviously), stretched a little, and tried to walk. Well, that hurt (insert more bad words). So, I hobbled home and stuck an ice pack on it.

I am bummed. 

Now, a little backtracking.....

Yesterday I did a new workout. Jillian Michael's, "Shred it: With Weights". Oh boy, how do I describe how much I LOVE this dvd! emoticon It was hard, but in a good way. Oddly, never did the urge to curse at Jillian cross, my mind ( I can't afford all this swearing!), and I was surprised at how quickly the time passed.
Now, I haven't tried the 2nd level, so, maybe, there are more curse-worthy moments in that workout.

I hope I heal up quickly....I have the ice pack on my leg, ibuprofen downrange, now the waiting begins.....and Fluffy is rubbing her hands together, hoping that this will spell the end of my exercise kick ( as she calls it).....don't hold you're breathe chick.

PS: We don't have an actual swear jar. ;)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ways to Improve the Day

Today I did C25K again. I'm on Week 3, Day #2. I ran every interval today, the 3 minute and the 90 second ones! I am trying to change the cadence in my head to "Ga-Zelle, Ga-Zelle" instead of the previous loop of "Hip-po, Hip-po" that I usually hear each time my feet hit the ground. I mostly succeeded too. ( Might be something to this ChiRunning book I'm reading). I felt pretty comfortable, right until half way through my last 3 minute run. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a black shadow moving ( remember, I don't wear my glasses when I run), and it kind of surprised me, until it registered in my brain that is was a woman and her dog. But, in that moment of surprise, I misjudged my first step onto the foot bridge...and something twinged in my left calf. I finished the interval, albeit more slowly and gingerly. it's still tender, but not horrible. I got home in time to do 15 minutes of strength training too! Feeling the burn!
While out for my morning exercise, I had a little time to think....that must be a sign it's getting easier. I used to only have surviving on my mind, but now I can think of other things too....

Ways to Improve the Day

~ A way to be able to wear my glasses while running ( or otherwise exerting myself) when it's cool outside. Between the sweat making them slip down my nose, and the heat from my face fogging them up, it's very frustrating.

~ Stopping for a coffee, and sitting down in the shop to drink it, even though you're alone. It's nice to see 4 different walls and a few different faces.

~ A hot shower and some super sudsy, awesome smelling bodywash.  Dark Kiss is my new favourite treat. I know I should be responsible and use a water saver and turn the flow to a trickle while washing...but, let's face it folks, it's not nearly as relaxing that way.

OK, so, these things aren't Earth shattering, but they do make my day a little better.....and, in the interest of full disclosure, I had a lot more great ideas while I was running in the dark. Problem is, that was 6 hours agao, and I didn't write them down, Maybe next time.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Graduating from a Shuffler to a Jogger

Still doing the Couch to 5 K running program. It's the beginning of my 4th week, but today was Day 1 of Week 3 for me. I opted to do week 2 twice, just to be sure I was strong enough to move on. It wouldn't be cool if I pushed too hard and fell on my face....I mean, literally, on my face. Explaining to everyone how I ended up with road rash on my nose and forehead is not my idea of a good time.
I've also been reading a book called "ChiRunning" by Danny Dreyer and Katherine Dreyer. Since I have no previous running style to change or correct, I am finding this book to be immensely helpful. Very much in-tune with the whole "Fiverfingers" barefoot running philosophy I'm in to.

I'm not sure if I'll ever run a marathon, but I am still hoping to do the 5K "Run for the Cure" in Edmonton on October 3rd. Now, saying that, actually running the whole thing might be a little far-fetched.... but running some of it seems doable.

It's very odd, but I find myself wanting to go out and do the runs.  The night before, getting into bed, I can  nearly talk myself out of doing's so early to roll out of bed, it's cold, it's damp, I'm tired. Then I set my alarm anyway ( 5:45 am), and when it goes off in the morning, I hit snooze once, then I'm off and going. Sometime my hubby comes with me ( and our little dog too), sometimes I go on my own.

I've downloaded the Podrunner C25K podcast, a free download at ITunes. It takes all the guesswork out of this C25K thing. I just pop my earbuds in, and turn on the music. I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of starting out, or to people like me, the ones who hate running. ..... I am the woman who said the only way I'd run is if I had a bucket of water and my kids were on fire.  :o)

Here's a link to the post I wrote about my run today on Sparkpeople , fresh after I got in the door. (I've read the book, but I don't own it)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I got a feeling....

I'm feeling an insane urge to write a blog post about religion ( or my lack of)....the things I learned while reading  The Faith Club .............. I"m not sure where to begin.  ;) So, I'll post this, and see if I come up with anything...or if anyone else does.
If you have a chosen Faith or Path that you follow, I'd love to hear about it.

School, Shopping and Dustbunnies.....

Every year I think that the new year should begin when school starts again. I guess that wouldn't work world-wide, or even province wide, so no one seems to begin at the same time. A massive over-haul of the educations system would be needed, for this reason, and so many others. If I ran the world.....

So, the kids are back in school. 2 are very happy about it, the Oldest is a little more wary (he started Junior High), and 2nd Born is reserving judgment  after his bad year with Mrs. Gr.3.

The first week ( well, 4 days) went well for all. Smiles were seen on every face at the end of the day, each one competing to tell us all about their day. We were eaten out of house and home.  It seems learning increases the appetites of young ones ten-fold!

Hubby was on leave this past week as well,, so I wasn't left to my own devices. It was nice to have him home, since he worked so hard all summer. He helped with the kids in the morning, took me out for lunch, and he sent me into the city for some shopping and quality time with a buddy.

The shopping was fun. Got me some great workout gear, since a lot of mine is falling off my (painfully) slowly shrinking bod. Tracked down a pair of "winter" Fivefingers Flows, not at MEC, but another store in Edmonton. When real winter hits, I'm sure I'll be moving the workouts indoor, but until it gets too cold, I'm going to keep on with learning to run. I also found some warmer running pants at Lululemon, and some gloves. So, no excuses, I'll keep on with the whole thing.
I'd like to say right here how absolutely lovely all the women at the Lululemon store in Kingsway Garden Mall ( Edmonton) were. No one was too busy to give me information or product recommendations, to tell me when they thought that something else would be better for my needs than what I was thinking of. So, THANK YOU to all the folks that were working on Friday.

I spent the night with my buddy, and her two little girls. My buddy ordered pizza and a salad for us from our favourite joint, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. ( Thanks buddy, it was just what I needed.) We also watched "Death at a Funeral" , which was nearly as funny as the  2007 version.

The remainder of the weekend is for sorting through the kids' dressers ( done), finding the back-to-school clothes that I stashed over the summer ( check), bake for breakfasts and lunches for the week, and try to knock back Mt. Washmore a bit.

I often wonder if there's more to life, if somehow I am missing out on some big spiritual element of my being....but then I look at what I do have to do, and wonder how I'd ever find the time to discover the right path. So, I shall ponder the rumbling of the washing machine, and try to find some insight in the dustbunnies I will be vacuuming up later.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Compilation of Blog Posts ......

I blog on a health website I am a part of. I thought I'd share some of those posts here.

 Aug 15/2010
Me, a Runner? Never Know Until I Try....

So, I've been saying I was going to do the C25K program for a while now. I have my shoes, my new bra( see earlier blogs)....looks like I've run out of excuses not to try.

I wish I had a treadmill. The scariest part for me is DOING IT IN PUBLIC! I know, get over myself and get on with it. It's easy to say (type), and I can give that advice to anyone else. Yet, the idea of taking my jiggly bits out on the road is a teeny bit terrifying.

We live in a small town, but even walking for exercise earns me odd looks. I can't believe the short distances people drive around here ( subject for another blog).

I am considering getting up close to sunrise and heading out...less looky-loos I'd think. Oh dear, what's a girl to do? 

Aug 17/2010

Jillian Vs Fluffy

Both are formidable forces in their own right. Both are stubborn, both are positive they are right, and both will yell if they find it necessary.

I had to fight my way awake this morning. (Fluffy hit the snooze 3 times!). When I did pry my eyes open, and turned over...ouch. My Butt and my thighs were a little tight...ok, a lot tight. I was smart this time, I slowly stretched everything out until things loosened up.

Fluffy figured a stretch was great, then we should continue the turn back into the pillow and catch a few more zzz's.

I'm hip to her jive though, so I put both feet on the floor and walked right out of my room.

I wasn't sure what the workout was going to be when I went to bed last night(remember,no superpowers in the planning area), but my stiff legs decided for me. Jillian Michaels " Yoga Meltdown".

It's been awhile since I'd seen Jillian. She still looking rock hard, good to see.  Fluffy says we shouldn't be friends with a girl like that....Fluffy is jealous.

I found it a little hard this morning, especially the chataranga push-ups. I'm not sure if I'll ever master those. I keep on trying though!

Not sure how long Fluffy is going to hang on for. I've never been good at confrontation..... 

 Thursday, August 19, 2010

C25K: Week #1, Day #2....Fluffy is quietly laughing....

I was feeling good, even a little bit smug when I got up this morning. My alarm went off, and I got right out of bed. No snooze....I do believe Fluffy was still in La-La Land. Got into my gear, wiggled my toes into my Fivefingers, and out the door I went. I grabbed the Off! on the deck and sprayed myself down ( ha ha bloodsucking mosquitoes), and turned on my Podrunner podcast.
It was cool, a little damp, but I felt good as I walked to the park/manmade lake. I got to Wallace Park before the first running interval, and that put a bounce in my step. Then, the signal to start running sounded in my ears, and off I went.

At this point, Fluffy woke up.

I struggled through every running interval today. On Monday, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, today it was harder than it should have been. Fluffy was whispering in my ear " Just go home, running sucks.".....but I kept going going. " You look ridiculous, chubby girl trying to run."....... didn't stop. " Your going to be sore later."....kept going, I've been sore before.

Fluffy's still chuckling away, but I dumped a big glass of water and a bowl of raisin bran on her. The kids will be up soon, and they're way louder than she is!

August 20/2010
Who's Laughing Now???
Ok, so, maybe no one is laughing this morning..... but I'm not unhappy. Fluffy, is mostly sitting the back, waiting to see if I do Day #3 of C25K tomorrow.
I opted for Jillian's "Yoga Meltdown" again this morning. I found that on Tuesday is really helped loosen up my legs and feet, and I needed a good stretch and a good workout. I really love level 1 of that DVD ( which is what I did today), but not level 2. Since it was Friday, I did what I like! 

Today was also weigh in day. For weeks I have had ZERO scale movement. Holding steady is better than gaining, I'll agree with that. Fluffy has felt pretty darn secure, watching me sweat away during my workouts with no number shift.

But, this morning.....finally this morning............THE SCALE WENT DOWN! Not much, not even 2 lbs, but down all the same. I did a little happy dance in the bathroom ( you all know the one). Fluffy said I shouldn't gloat. TOO BAD CHICK! Your days are numbered. 

August 21/2010
 3 are better than 1!
Saturday Morning! It's cool, it rained all night, it felt more like October than August. When the alarm went off, I almost went back to bed....Fluffy and my hubby both said "Come back to bed." I did, for a moment, pull the blankets up to my chin. I couldn't do it though, I had to go do day #3 of the C25K. I didn't want all my efforts for the past week to go to waste.
So, up I got. Put on my new workout shirt ( with the teeny pocket for my Ipod). When I came out of the bedroom, I was surprised to see my hubby getting on his running gear. It's his first Saturday off in 2 months, and he got up early to come out with me. emoticon We even brought our little 7lb ( but thinks he's a Mastiff) terrier with us.

Fluffy was ticked! "We don't like to exercise with others"...........well, I will today. " He can really run, we can't!".......he'll slow down for me. " He's going to laugh at us!" he won't, he's proud of all the work I've done.

It was cold! The wind was blowing, and with it being flat prairie all around, no break in the airflow.

We did every interval! No skipping, no stopping early, no slacking today. I kept to the beat of the Podrunner music, and I felt strong! It still hurt a little, I even had a bit of a stitch in my side, but it was good!

Hubby gave me a wonderful compliment too. Told me that I have a good jogging stride. Me? Stride? (Fluffy had nothing to say on this point. HA!) I have been feeling like I'm just shuffling along, but, apparently, I have a STRIDE!

I am planning on starting week #2 on Monday, we'll see how it goes. If I have to, I will do week 1 again. It's not a race, it's a journey.


Who's Idea Was This?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 2, Day #1 of's done a dusted. Well, there was no dust, due to the cool, damp, rainy morning we're having.
It was hard to get up ( a recurring theme in my blogs, you may have noticed). I am absolutely NOT a morning person. Yet, up I got. Opted for long yoga pants and a fleece after freezing on Saturday morning's outing.
I was on my own today, hubby decided to sleep. The first 90 second interval was awesome! I jogged the whole thing, and felt good doing it. Walked 60 seconds when Podrunner told me to, then the signal sounded to jog again..... oh dear.
My left foot cramped! The arch of my foot hurt so much! My recently discovered "stride" faltered, and I had to walk for a moment.

The rest of the "run" went pretty much like that. I gave it my best with each interval, but only completed 3 of them. I caught myself thinking that I should go back to week 1 and do it again. I'm still on the fence about it.....I'll see how I feel tomorrow morning.

I also took a page out of YOOVIE's book (blog)
) and did a little ST this morning when I got home, and then settled down at the table with my "sexy breakfast" of Quinoa salad and watermelon. Yum!

Fluffy mumbled a lot while I was out this morning. She even gave a little fist pump when I started thinking about doing week one again. I'll keep on just to drive her nuts! 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hey Fluffy Girl, there ain't room for both of us....

Fluffy Girl....sounds like a name for a cat or a Hamster. Not this time folks. Fluffy girl is the fat chick I am currently sharing my body with. I figure if I can kick her out, my clothes won't be so tight.  ;)

In earlier blogs, I talked a big about wanting to run a 5K, but had a litany of excuses not to do it. My final 2 were that I needed a fantabulous sports bra to contain my more than ample bosom ( my cup runneth over), and I needed shoes that would not kill my feet.

Last week I was finally able to purchase a Ta Ta Tamer , and it's everything it promised! No bounce, no danger of anyone around me losing an eye ( including myself).

My darling hubby also ordered me the shoes I never knew I wanted. Fivefingers ! They are "barefoot" shoes, and I love them....Fiverfingers folks, I'd love it if you'd sponsor my learn-to-run-weightloss journey (  wink wink).

This morning was R Day ( run day),my first day of doing the Couch-to-5K running program. It was a scary prospect, going out into the world, doing something so very far outside my comfort zone.... to mitigate my nerves, I was up at 6am, and on the road by 6:15. ( that's right folks, the sun was barely up). My reasoning: fewer folks would be out and about at that time of morning. ( I saw 2 women out walking their dogs).

I got on my workout clothes ( which I had laid out the night before), found a hat to cram my crazy curly hair into (went au natural yesterday), and grabbed my Ipod. Stepped out the door, and I was swarmed by mosquitoes. Well, no way would I let those little blood suckers stop me. I was up and dressed darn it! Grabbed the Off!, doused myself, and off I went.

I did nearly all the running intervals without pause. I slowed down right before the end of the last 2 intervals, but I never quit.

I really surprised myself. I know I only ran for 60 seconds at a time, but this is huge for me! A few months ago, I would have quit 15 minutes in, lungs burning, gasping for breathe. None of that today! My feet are a little sore now, but nothing like when I tried this before with regular runners. An added bonus is that my knees are ok. usually I'd be crippled up by now.

None of it was graceful, I'd bet it wasn't pretty, but I did 2 is on Wednesday, and I'm looking forward to it.

Wow, I Should Blog More Often!

Well, imagine my surprise when I signed in this afternoon and found I had been nominated for the "Versatile Blogger Award" by my good friend and fellow mommy Blogger Hethr. I am inspired by her everyday, in real life and her blog life. Thanks so much, nice to know someone is reading. :)

In order to receive the award fully, I must

1) Thank the person who gave me the award. Thanks Hethr, for being you.
2) Share seven things about myself.
3) Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs, and let the nominees know about the award.

7 things you may not know about me:

1. I've never lived in a town for more than 5 years in a row.

2. If I had unlimited funds, I'd become a "Professional Student".

3.Cats scare me.

4. I'd love to have 2 more kids ( we have 4 now)

5. I find vacuuming very satisfying.

6.Percentages in math still boggle my mind....I always need a calculator.

7. I played the trombone from gr7-12, and I was pretty good too!

One Condition that I am proud to complete, are the nominations of other blogs written by some pretty fabulous people. Some I know personally, some not, but all are ones I enjoy. Sorry it isn't 15, I'm still finding the ones I love.

Life With Penguins

I'll add more when I start reading more!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Watch the Tour de France....Yes, it's True

As a general rule, I don't enjoy watching sports. I like watching swimming and diving, but this is the 2nd summer that I have gotten hooked on the Tour de France (thanks Dad!). This year, I even changed my satellite package so I could have the channel that is showing the race!( No extra cost, other than the loss of really, no loss)  The men in the race amaze me....riding their bikes up incredibly steep mountain inclines, racing down the other side at break neck speeds. Not your average Sunday bike ride! I am cheering for our Canadian rider, aptly name Ryder Hesjedal! It would have been nice if he'd won, but for an ex-mountain bike racer, I think he's fantastic. Overall though, I'd like to see Schleck beat Contador.

I got up this morning and realized it's Thursday. Already? I'm sure there are many folks who are saying "Oh, I wish it were Friday" ( or in my hubby's case, I wish it were Saturday). I find that summer vacation is rushing by, and soon I'll be doing back-to-school shopping for my darling Screaming Meemies ( 3 of whom are suspiciously quiet right now....I should go check on them).

With the end of July on the near horizon, we also have Oldest's and Son #3's birthdays to prepare for. Any ideas what to buy a boy who is turning 12? When asked his response is " I don't really know Mom." Well my son, neither do I! It's a tough age. he's not a little kid anymore, so the usual Hot Wheels and other assorted toys and action figures aren't really his thing. Yet, he's not old enough for teen items ( whatever those might be for a boy!) Son #3 is sorted, just waiting on delivery of his gift. Fingers crossed it gets here on time.

On the Wish List front......the best Husband in the world ( that would be mine) ordered those Fiverfingers shoes I mentioned in yesterday's post. I can't wait to try them. They look a little nutty, but if they work, I could care less!

****The Faith Club****
I made it through Chapter 11....there's finally been a little evolution in the story. I was surprised to read that at this point in the book, IT'S BEEN 2 YEARS!  We're only half way through the book! I'll continue ready today.....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"The Faith Club" and a little bit of Colour....

I'm reading a book called The Faith Club as part of an online bookclub initiated by one of my favourite Mommy Bloggers,  Delusional Mom. I was very excited to read this book, thinking it would be....more, than it is. I imagined it would be full of deep conversation and startling insights. Instead, I find it to be a little whiny. It's horrible to say, since these are real women I am talking about, but so far I don't really like them. Maybe it's better to say I don't like the way they have portrayed themselves. I'm nearly done Chapter 9, maybe things will turn around.

Now, for a little bit of colour.................

It's about my kids and their startling ability to TAN! It's been a pretty gloomy summer around these parts, so  up until a few  days ago, they had a touch of a Farmer's tan ( my apologies if Farmers take offense). Now, 3 days out in the yard, splashing around in the pool we've set up ( thanks Nanny and Poppa for buying it), they look like they've been on a fabulous tropical vacation. Yesterday the youngest 3 went to bed with a touch of sunburn across their shoulders and backs....then, like magic, they got out of bed today, and they are BROWN! Even Son #3 and Littlest, who are nearly as pasty as me. I'd better get some pictures before the grey skies return and their tans are only a  distant memory.....and I'm betting Nanny and Poppa would like some pool pics of the kiddos. :)

***workout watch***
I did  a 2 mile indoor workout today. I feel ridiculous doing it, but I do work up a sweat!

***wish list update***
Another addition for my dream to run a 5KM.... these are Five Fingers barefoot shoes. I am hoping to order them this week!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creative Differences

Summer vacation...............a time to relax, enjoy the warm weather, listen to the kids scream and fight.....well, I could do without that! We are in week 3 of our  summer break. There has been a definite lack of warm weather, but things are looking up. Well, at least this morning. When I look up I see blue sky and sunshine, no big black clouds rolling through yet.

The Oldest is away from home this week. The Grandparents took him to their place yesterday. I know he'll enjoy his time away from the Screaming Meemies, and he deserves a little one-on-one time. We'll miss him, especially the  Little Brothers, he does a lot for them ( and a lot for me)....he's a good kid.

The kids have just wrapped their latest movie. I don't think they finished it, creative difference have halted production. From what I could hear, the Little Girl wanted to talk about the weather, but her 2nd oldest brother wanted her to sing a song. Show Biz is tough!

Oh, and I did workout today! Yay me..... still hunting for a Ta Ta Tamer, and wishing that the Camera Fairy would come a-calling!

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Wish List, my Awesome Husband, and the as Yet Untamed Ta Ta's!

It's Monday again ( funny how it keeps on coming around), and my Dad's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!  Summer vacation does a number on me, and usually I'm not sure what day it is until I check on the calendar. ;)

I wrote about my Wish List  in my last post. Well folks, I can cross one thing off the list. I now have a gorgeous purse that I love, and have been looking at for months. (This is where the Awesome Husband part of the title comes in). I was having a crummy day on Saturday. My husband came home and saw this ( I didn't try to keep it a secret), and it gave him pause. So, later that afternoon, he came home with a bag in hand. It was the purse I had mentioned I liked a couple of months ago ....he had written a note in his BB and went and got it for me. What a guy.... he really, really is.  14 years married, and he still surprises me.

I must remember the little things and not focus on the big picture so's just too big to worry about all the time!

Still hunting for a Ta Ta Tamer......I am thinking of starting the C25K in August.....the option of using  a large roll of tensor bandage  to, ummm, confine the girls is looking like a really good idea.    ;)

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Continuing Quest for the Ta Ta Tamer and Other Things I am wishing For!

So, a while back I posted about my desperate search   (Quest for the Ta Ta Tamer)   for a Lululemon  Ta Ta Tamer in my size. I am sad to report I have had no luck. However, I did have some unexpected help in this  area. Jenna, from the GEC Online Community from Lululemon commented on my blog! She checked around to see if she could find one for me in my size! I was over the moon, I really was. Unfortunately she had as much luck as I've had ( so none), but that's ok. The fact that someone I had never met made and effort on my behalf was amazing. Thanks Jenna!

I love Lululemon, because their clothes are...let's say supportive. It is frustrating though. I wear a sz 10 in their bottoms, but not one of their workout tops fit me ( the girl, the girls).    I wish their design department would make a few pieces for their bustier amount of working out will ever make me lithe and lean, my bones aren't built like that!

 So, the quest continues....especially now. A good friend has invited me to do the 5k Breast Cancer run/walk in Edmotnon in October. Surely gonna need a Ta Ta Tamer for that. ;)

Sp, while I am wishing for this apparently amazing wonder bra, it got me thinking of the other things I have been wishing for. I thought to myself, I should make a list, make it concrete, put it out on the Wild Wild Web!  ( Borrowed Dr. Phil-ism) That way I can keep track of the things I am working for!

My Wish List

A new camera ~  this is the dream camera, but well out of my reach. I'd be happy to get this one instead. I dream of taking beautiful pictures, funky photos, and having blogs full of colour and black and white shots of my life with my Darling Screaming Meemies.

To Run a 5K ~ As mentioned earlier in the blog, I have been invited to do so. Now the work to make this wish come begins ( back to the doubled-up bras!)

To have happy kids ~ As they get older, my wishes for their happiness become more fervent. My oldest begins Junior High in the Fall, my Littlest is entering 2nd oldest boy NEEDS to have a good year after the horrible one he had with Mrs. Gr.3, and my youngest son still doubts his abilities in school ( and he is so smart and capable!). So, good vibes for the kids are most welcome!

That my husband remains happy in his job ~ He works so hard, and some days he is so frustrated. Overall he likes his position, so here's hoping it remains that way for him.

A new purse ~ A frivolous wish to be sure, but why not! I have been searching for the perfect purse for over a year...not too big and mommy, not too small and useless, but just right. With and adjustable strap!

Weightloss ~ Yup, the perennial favourite. I've wished for it for years, and for nearly 4 months I've been working at it to be sure. Maybe I should be wishing for more energy so that I can do more and work harder.... but I wouldn't mind a little magic here!

So, that's it for now. There are thousands of little things I'd love, but these are the main things....oh, and a winning Lottery Ticket. I don't need the entire Jackpot, I'd share!    ;)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Family...Long Distance and Local......

Maybe this entry will cause some familial trouble.....but I doubt it, as I have no idea if any of the Family reads my blog.
Notice I capitalized "Family" above. I've always felt that it should be, since I see Family as an entity, it's own being, certainly deserving of and uppercase "F".

My husband is from Cape Breton, out on Canada's east coast. I am a military brat, but mostly I identify with our western provinces, as that's where the majority of my Family resides.

I have been out to see my husband's Family only twice in our 14 years of marriage.... and those 2 visits were in a 12 month time span, during which our first child was born, and my Father-in-Law was ill, and then sadly passed away.  I wonder if these things colour my feelings and perceptions of the Family. I suppose they do, how could they not.

Every one seems very nice, and without question, I was welcomed with open arms as my husband's wife ( did I mention he wasn't there for the majority of both visits?). I must admit I was overwhelmed with the sheer volume of Family. To this day  I still have a hard time keeping track of everyone!

11 years have passed since I saw most of my husband's Family....young cousins have married, gone to University, had kids of their own. More loved ones have passed away, and are greatly missed.

I am an Auntie now, as my husband's younger brother and his wife had a beautiful little boy a few months ago. I've seen the pictures, and he is gorgeous ( nearly as cute as mine were  ;)    ), but it makes me sad that I will probably never meet him before he graduates from high school.

I know the East Coast Family only through stories from my husband, and now, thanks to Facebook, I am privy to all they post about their daily lives. I feel a little voyeuristic though, married to a family I am never going to be a part of in the day to day scheme of things.  3/4 of my  kids have never met their uncles, and only see their Nanny and Poppa every few years.

Yup, I guess I'm jealous of how close they all are, and that they have so many common memories and experiences. They all seem a little foreign, even a little exotic to me. :) I call them my husband's "People".

Having said all that, I love my own Family. For the first time in my adult life, we are living less than a days' drive from my parents' and my sister. What a change to see them on a regular basis than just a few times a year. As for my extended Family, well, they live in BC, and much like my husband's Family, have their own lives and live quite close to each other. I'm pretty sure I could pass a lot of my younger cousins on the street and not really know who they were. Again though, thanks to Facebook, I can see on some their walls  what's going on, and feel like maybe we're not that far apart.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Quest for a Ta Ta Tamer

The other day I professed my desire to one day run a 5K..... I am horribly envious of those who find running to be a natural thing. I mentioned my feet and knees in my other blog, reasons I don't run....well, here's something else to consider....
I've heard from running folk that a good pair of shoes is the most important thing. I don't disagree. I am of the opinion that I will also need one kick-a$$ sports bra.

In earlier blogs, back when I was doing Jillian's "30 Day Shred" , I would put on 2 bras before each workout. This helped, but would chafe a tad, and were very uncomfortable. Let's not even talk about the fact that I looked ridiculous! No chance that I would ever step outside the confines of my living room in that get up!       ( Vanity strikes again)

Then, I heard a tale about the PERFECT sports bra, called the Ta-Ta Tamer from Lululemon...(apparently, it actually does what it says: TAMES THE TA-TA'S! My sister (who does run) has one and swears it's the most amazing bra ever.

I have searched high and low for one in my size. I've been to 2 of the stores in the city closest to me, I check online daily ( sometime two or 3 times).....I've even searched on Ebay, willing to pay more if I can just find it in my size.

I mean, if I were to try running , I'm sure I'd hurt myself.....possibly anyone near me, due to the uncontrollable bounce factor. This bra is readily available in smaller sizes.....but a chesty girl  like me needs it way more than skinny yoga master. ( sorry, little bit of thin-envy slipping out).

The search continues.........

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back to the Blog

It's been awhile, over a month since I even logged in. Not to say I haven't written anything, but I've been posting elsewhere. It's all been about my exercise journey and weightloss.....not all fit for viewing by the public. 

There's more to life than my recent lifestyle changes, I'm still working on trying to find a balance.

The school year is (finally) coming to an end. I'm really looking forward to not fighting with the teachers about my little square pegs ( kids) not fitting into their little round holes....oh wait, not true. Sihdney has yet ANOTHER OT assessment in mid-July, in preparation for Gr.1. 

I have a huge rant brewing inside me, after night #2 of obnoxious teens partying in the yard next door. To be fair, maybe some of them weren't obnoxious, but the loudest ones always wreck it for the group. It seems they were having a Bush Party....but instead of having it in the Bush, they had it in the comfort of the yard nextdoor. The fire was burning, the smell of melting plastic in the air. Seems they had a group of boys who thought yelling "WOO!!!!!!!!!" at the top of their lungs was a good way to attract girls ( doubtful). The empties are strewn all over their yard, but on the brightside, my fence isn't broken this time. 
Not sure where the adults were....perhaps they were sleeping, in the house, but with the noise, I don't see how. Today I am going to find out the after hours number for the Bylaw Officer.... yup, I'm going to be a funsucker.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Day #70.... Sunny Monday!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring has FINALLY arrived in my little part of the country. Not that long ago, it was gross and snowy. Today is sunny and warm, time to pull out the shorts and capris and see what fits!

Had a wonderful weekend, my parents and my sis came for a visit. My sis bought a new car and wanted to take it out fr a road trip (VW Tiguan, gorgeous!!!!!) The kids were so happy to see them....and so was I. The older I get, the more I miss my family.

No exercise this weekend, just enjoyed myself and gave my very sore shoulder a rest.

So, this morning I was back in the battle. My lovely hubby drove the kids to school so I didn't have to get up at the crack of stupid to workout ( thanks hunny ) I did "12 Second Sequence" for my strength workout, and then did the Prevention walking DVD again. I won't say I was fighting fit, but I stumbled through and worked up a pretty good sweat. I also moved up to 5lb weights for most of the strength exercises!

Now to get on with the rest of the day. Happy Monday! ( Anyone remember that group?)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day #65.....Battle with the Bosu Ball

I am really sore this morning. I gave everything |I had to my Yoga Meltdown workout yesterday, and I am surely feeling it today.
So, I decided to give the BOSU ball another try. I started out with the "Cardio Blast" section. I made it 15 minutes out of 30, and I am pretty darn proud of that. I have mentioned before that I am lacking in the grace and co-ordination imagine me doing fast aerobics, landing on an unstable surface repeatedly.
After 15 minutes, I decided I had to stop. My feet were cramping and my dogs were shaking in fear that I might fall and squish one of them.
I didn't feel like I was done yet, so I moved onto the "Long and Lean" workout on the same DVD. It's a combination of yoga an pilates moves...less bouncing=less chance of falling hard on the floor ( the dogs), but I dropped during plenty of the poses, rolled off the ball a few times.

I guess the moral of this disjointed blog post is: I didn't quit. I nearly feet are cramping, my arms are burning, but I feel good because I FINISHED.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Exercise....Day #59

Hit the snooze twice this morning ( thank goodness for snooze!), but was able to get up just after 6am for my workout. Today I did Jillian's Yoga Meltdown that I couldn't find yesterday morning.
Peace and quiet were in short supply this morning, as 3 out of 4 kids decided they wanted to get up extra early, and hubby had early morning PT on Base. I just dug in and tried to concentrate on each movement. My daughter (6) joined me for a few of the exercises, then she sat next to me and reminded me to breathe for a bit...then she got bored and went to find something else to do.

I keep wondering when I am going to find these workouts easier. I'm still on Level 1 in the Meltdown ( my flexibility is a little lacking). I've been exercising faithfully for nearly 2 months....ans as I type that, I realize how short a time it really is. In terms of me sticking with it, it's a great accomplishment. I mean, I've never managed to stick with the whole fitness thing in my adult life. So, as my kids would say "Pat on the back for that."

Yes, it's only been a couple of months....after years of not taking care of myself! When I was first married, we partied, I ate at the food court at work, and generally didn't give a damn about my health. Then I had a baby, and another baby. By the time I was 28, I had 4 kids 5 and under....there was little time for me.

So, 2 months to undo 14 years of neglect...gotta give myself a break. I'm starting to think that the workouts are not meant to get easier...I'm just working harder as I get stronger!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Neglecting the Blog

Hello loyal readers! Yes,'tis I, the absent blogging Mom. My adventures with the Screaming Meemies have kept me busy! Never fear, I'm back...though as my friend Hethr likes to say: "I feel and eye twitch coming on...."

The beef today is lunches. Specifically, school lunches for the kids. Our school is "Nut Aware", which is just another way of saying "NO NUTS". (In fact, Mrs. Gr.3 apparently is the one with the allergy in Behn's class.)
This makes most of my kids' favourite lunch foods off limits. "What's the big deal?" you might be asking....well, it gets to be tedious to find nut free things to send.
Yes, I can understand the argument that we want to keep kids in school safe. Yet, now, for the sake of the few, the majority of kids are limited in what they can bring to eat from home. I mean, I had the teachers ask me not to send anything with almonds either! SERIOUSLY? They aren't even a nut! ( I believe they're a fruit? Please correct me if I'm wrong).

So, once more, my kids are getting salad wraps with some lunch meat in them...yogurt, fruit, bar and a drink. They know not to share, not due to allergies, but to not eat other kids' germs. Twitch...twitch....twitch... ( go here to shop for your very own eye twitch products!)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day #43..Chugging Along

I'm one tired mama this week. My hubby will be home tomorrow, he's been away the last couple of weeks on a course....short one this time, we can do 2 weeks standing on our heads.
I have continued to exercise while he's been gone, and I feel good about that. I've also been eating fairly well, which doesn't always happen when he goes away.
I weighed myself this morning, and I'm down nearly 8 lbs over these last 43 days. Not a huge amount of weight, but things are moving in the right direction. I know my body is changing, my clothes tell the tale.

We've had a little excitement as well. My youngest son ( he's 7) passed out at school yesterday. Just fainted and fell forward on the gym floor....caught himself with his face. Poor kids was only out for a few moments, but woke up screaming. There was a lot of blood. Bloody nose, bloody lip. It was all over his white shirt, so that scared him even more.
He's never passed out before, which concerned me a little. He'd had a big breakfast before school, a big glass of water. So, we went over to the Emergency room ( our town is very small, so short wait times thankfully). The doc checked him out, and said son was ok. We went back for bloodwork this morning, but haven't heard back on that. I think the hardest thing for him was fasting until after the test. I had him back home and eating by 9am.
Tomorrow morning, Yoga Meltdown. Look out Jillian!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day #41...... Next Phase....

It was a sunny Sunday, an actual Spring day. The sun was shining, with actual warmth, and nearly all the snow has melted.( Oh, I'd be glad to drop that word from my vocabulary for a few months.)
Yesterday was a rest day for me workout wise. I did a little Spring cleaning instead.. Gathered a bag of clothes from my closet for donation, purged the bathroom of all the nearly empty bottles I seem to save for no good reason. The bathroom looks so bright....the bedroom needs a little work yet. (Doesn't it always?)
This morning I was back on the workout wagon. Today was 12 Second Sequence, a workout I have done in the past. I was a little over-confident when I started. I figured, I'd done the 30DS, this has got to be easier than last time...nope, I was wrong. It's a strength workout, meant to be done twice a week. My abs are aching tonight, but I think I'll be ok for Jillian's Yoga Meltdown tomorrow morning.

Things that made me smile today:

*Jacob asking me if he had a tan after spending the afternoon outside
* Behn and Asher reading out on the deck this afternoon.
*Sihdney telling me she liked my cleaning when we cleared out her room today.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day #39....I think it is....

I'm finished.... I completed The 30 Day Shred. Over the last week or so, I've not felt like blogging about it. I really struggled with the last 5 days. I HATED it, everything. I hated the plank work, I hated the ab work ( except for the final circuit, love that one!).  I think I was just tired of doing the same workout. 

Overall, I have to say I am glad I did the 30 days. The fact that I stuck with it is a minor miracle. I NEVER stick with anything fitness/health related.  Posting about my workouts here, on Facebook, telling my family about it...I really felt like I had to prove I could do it. 

I didn't get the major results I was hoping for, not as strict with the diet thing as I should have been. Baby steps folks, baby steps. I lost a few pounds, and a few inches, clothes are fitting better, jeans are getting looser....

So, now I have to decided what to do next. Yoga Meltdown on Sunday... I have to plan it out, or I'm afraid I'll lose momentum.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Days #35&36.....Wishing for Spring

Oh, Spring, the season or rebirth and snow....wait, what? Snow, it's a dirty word this time of year. More of an expletive than a description of the weather. We're presently bracing for yet another blast of that stuff. The kids have their fingers and toes crossed hoping for a snow day ( today was their second day back after Spring Break), and I'm hoping it just blows by.
One week and hubby will be home. The kids are missing him, especially Sihdney. " I miss Daddy!" is what I get every time I ask her to do something she doesn't want to do. She's come to it late, but she's finally a Daddy's girl. 
Okay, Shred report( I'm sure you're all quivering in anticipation). Yesterday and today were days #6 and #7 of level 3. The end is in sight and I CAN'T WAIT! I am so tired of shoving Jillian into the DVD player every day. I don't want to do anymore plank work! I've had some small success in weight loss and loss of inches. I had really hoped for a more noticeable result, but I'll take what I have achieved and be pleased. 
Next week, new workouts and new challenges. The big bonus with doing the Shred is I know exactly what I have to do, and how much time I need to do it. Guess I'd better get planning.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day #33....Day #34......Weekend is Over

Sunday night....the dogs are playing on the floor, kids are in bed. I'm watching a little mindless TV, putting in time until I go to bed.
So, yesterday was Day #5  Level 3 of the Shred. I worked damn hard at it yesterday. In each circuit I tried to do the first set with the Amazon, and if I had to, the second set with Anita. Admittedly, there were only a few I managed to stay with the Amazon on. I think I made a little progress there.
I was supposed to do Yoga Meltdown with Jillian this morning, but opted out. I was so tired, and sore from yesterday. So, the kids and I had a traditional Lazy Sunday. We watched a mindless SciFi mini series (Alice), they played some video games, and Asher finally had his wish come true...he got to watch a Harry Potter movie. I think it was a nice way to end Spring Break for everyone.
They were all in bed at a decent time, and 3/4 are happy to go back to school tomorrow. I'd say that's not too bad.
I was a little bummed today. I've been doing this Shred thing, exercising for over a month now, and have had no big visible changes. ( I know, that will come with time) I've also been a bit blue about where we live. I honestly wanted to live in a small town. Loved the idea of knowing my neighbours, being able to give the kids the freedom we had never felt we could in the city. Too bad this town isn't like that. I forgot about the other side of the Small Town Coin: people live here, grow up together, know everyone. Newbies, military families like ours, are often left on the outside looking in. I've had a couple of previous posts, about the school and the troubles we've had, and I think that's a part of this Blue zone I'm in.

Then, I was flipping through the channels this afternoon, and happened on a documentary that made me pause and kick myself in the butt. Swimming in Auschwitz, what an amazing story these women had to tell. I highly recommend you watch it if you get the chance. Makes me think I can do ANYTHING, after watching a listening to their stores of survival.
So, tomorrow, Monday, is another day...and it's going to be a good one.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 32....Blowing Snow & Feeling the Burn!

 What a day. Just a normal Spring day here in small town Alberta. It started last night before I went to bed. If we lived near the ocean, it would have been a gorgeous, powerful gale. As we are landlocked here on the prairies, it was instead a whiteout. The flashing clocks in the house told the tale of a power outage, but I don't know when it happened, or for how long.....guess it doesn't matter much since we were all asleep.
I let myself sleep in a little. We had no big plans, no appointments to keep. Okay, not completely true, Jillian, as always, was waiting to kick my butt. I rolled out of bed around 8:30. It was a slow move, as my body had not yet forgiven me for 3 days in a row of Level 3 with Jillian.
First things first, the dogs needed out. I sprung them from their crate, and we went to the back door. Snow, drifts everywhere. The door is drifted, the dogs look at me like "WTH? This stuff was not here yesterday!" I put them on their ropes and shoved  sent them out to do their business. I'm not heartless. After I brought them in and dusted them off, I waded through the snow in my pj's ( dark plaid) and my lime green fleece...oh! I had pink winter boots on as well ( what a sight I'd have been, but I was hidden in the blowing snow), to the garage for the snow shovel. I broke trail ( is that the term?) with a hockey stick that had not been completely buried, and dug out around the garage door. I then made my way back, trying not to lose my breathe in the gusting wind. Took a few photos, dug out the back deck, and went into the house. Nothing like a brisk wind and shifting heavy wet snow to get you in the mood to do a Jillian workout.
I had to change. Flannel really isn't a fabrics I like to sweat in, and I was soaked through from the snow that had blown up at me. While Jillian was warming up in the DVD player, I got on my bras, knee straps, and gave myself a little pep talk.
Yesterday, and today, I really did NOT want to workout. My legs hurt, my arms hurt, I think I may have pulled something in my right calf. Any other point in my life, I would have allowed myself to use these things as an excuse to quit.
..............I didn't quit. I finished Day #4 of Level 3. Not my best performance,  but a complete one. Since I didn't do it on Monday, I have a weekend date with Jillian tomorrow morning. I didn't catch the Amazon today, but I've got her in my sights!  ;)
For fun tonight, I got on the Wii Fit. I am AWESOME on the yoga poses now! I should really do that every night. My Wii Fit age was 36...2 years older than I am. I'll aim for better this time next week.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day #31...Wow, Really?

So, just over a month ago I started making my way to a healthier me. I'm going to be honest here...I didn't really think I would still be doing it. I mean, look at my track record. I have given up on every attempt at losing weight I have tried over the last few years.
Now, I can't say there's been much in the way of loss. However, there have been gains. My muscle tone is improving, which I love! (Muscles are hot!) I have had gains in my energy level, my stamina... and my confidence may not be soaring just yet, but it is definitely hovering above ground level!

Today was Day #3, Level 3 of the Shred. I'm not feeling too bad. My thighs are only quietly groaning in protest when I get into a squat position. Oddly, it's my hands that hurt today. That plank exercise where you hold yourself on the dumbbells are hard on them. I need bigger weights so my hands aren't so crunched up...but I don't think I can lift anything heavier.

Day 4 tomorrow...look out Amazon, I'm gonna catch you!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day #30....Shred & Vomit...the Dogs' not Mine

So, it seems my dogs got into some garbage left for a brief time out on our back deck. They may have eaten some past due chili, veggies, and some chicken carcass scraps. They've both had the scoots, and a hard time keeping things down. Dexter seems to have come out the other side, but sweet, but stupid wiener dog, has not. You see, he eats poop. He waits for it to fall from his friend like it's the best treat ever ( maybe to him it is ). We try to pick it up every time they go out, but always Booth finds a nibble or 2. Sounds gross? You're right, it is disgusting!  I bathed them both last night, as they were somewhat stinky, and they made it through the night. So, I'm hoping he's nearly finished. It's gross, and as much as I'm a dog lover, I hate this.

I am obviously a complainer by nature, and this post is no different. Today was Day #2 of Level 3. Ouch. Really, that word doesn't cover it, but I'm too tired to think of something better.
I knew it was going to be rough as soon as I opened my eyes. I stretched, and that was when I realized just how sore I was. My inner thighs protested the most, and my outer thighs were definitely there supporting them. " No Shred!" they screamed.
I flopped my way through all 3 circuits...and believe me folks, flopping it was. I may not have made it strong though it all, but I was sure to never rest ( gasp) for more than a beat or 2.
At this point, I'd like to say that I LOVE seeing the Amazon struggle with some of the exercises. I mean, is she's finding it hard, then it's ok for me too. :)
Level 3 is hard. Yup, talk about a "duh" thing to say. It is Level 3 after all, it should be harder than the first 2 levels. I've heard it said that the Supermans are one of the most detested exercises in the routine. I don't mind them....who knows, maybe I'm doing them wrong. I'm still struggling the Samurai jumping squat things...and the Rockstar jumps. Apparently, I am no Rockstar.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day #29............ Shred & so much more

 It's been a bit since I wrote anything. It was a busy long weekend, full of family, food and shopping! I love, love, love having my family a short 4 hour away. That may sounds like a long journey to some, but not us. For most of my adult life, we've lived a minimum of 12 hours away.

Saturday we got up very early to make the drive into the city. Dad had meetings, so the ladies went to WEM. For the very first time I was able to go to  Bath and Bodyworks.... have you ever been there? I am in love. Everything smells so yummy. I spent a lot, but could have spent more..... I should bookmark that website. 

Sunday was Easter. The kids managed to stay in bed until almost 7am before hitting the ground running to look for bunny eggs. Hubby prepped the two chickens to roast for dinner ( he is so good at it). Dad made fresh, homemade buns for us to have with dinner. I made peach crisp for dessert ( the easiest bit of the meal). The house smelled amazing, and it all tasted even better.

Everyone went their separate ways on Monday. My parents off toe BC for tax season, my sis back home to get ready for the work week. It was supposed to be hubby's last day home for a couple of weeks, so he packed and the kids played.

Early this morning ( I'm talking 3:15 am ) hubby was up, getting ready to go. His ride from the base was to pick him up at 4am. No one showed up, and after a few fruitless  phone calls ,  he decided to take his own car so he wouldn't miss his flight. It was a good plan, but he still missed his flight. See, there were these deer that decided they could wait another minute to get across the highway. Ron managed to miss the first one, but there was another right behind him. Maybe they were playing tag, who knows? Fortunately, Ron is ok, I'm so thankful for that! Sadly, the little blue car is damaged, and the seer didn't make it.  So much excitement before 6am! So, instead of flying to Quebec, Ron is waiting to hear from the insurance adjuster.

My morning was not nearly as exciting. I was up to do the Shred this morning, even though the kids are ( finally) on Spring Break. Today was Day #1 of Level 3. It is now my favourite Level! It's hard ( aren't they all), but it flew by! I fell to my knees a lot, and would have gladly punched Jillian if it would have meant an end to those samurai squat jump things. I am positive that I will be unable to climb stairs without wincing tomorrow.   ;o)

Hubby is leaving for Quebec tonight on the redeye. Looks like he'll make it for his course after all.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Day #24 ( yesterday)....Day #25 today.....

I am done Level 2!!!!! Yesterday was Day #9, today, thankfully, was Day#10. I will not claim that I have mastered all the exercises. There are just some things my knees will not let me master, but I didn't let it stop me. I am pretty sure any workout that Jillian puts together will never be easy for me...or pretty....or in any way coordinated. I am just impressed I have stuck with the Shred this long. Generally I throw in the towel after a week or so. 
Now, Monday is Level 3. My friend Heather ( Great blog) ( who says I am crazy), has just begun Level 3. Her first try she hated it, but gave it another chance, and she liked it. She hated Level 2, where I liked it better than Level 1.... I sure hope I make it through with a minimum of pain and suffering. Hope does spring eternal ( so says Coach on this season of Survivor).

It's not only Day #25 since the working out began, but it's also the Easter long weekend. My parents and my sister are here, and I am very happy to have them. I may blog a little less, but I'll be sure to fill it all in when I can.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day #23

Good evening folks. I would like to say I'm feeling great, but I'm not. Feet and back are on fire, have been all day. The worst is my feet. Really, how can I stay off of them? Hopefully they'll feel better in the morning, especially since I work tomorrow morning!
So, Shred report. Today was day #8 of Level 2. It's still tough, but I am determined to make it through the next 2 days. I am so sick of plank work it's not even funny. My challenge to myself this morning was to finish the final ab circuit with only one break. I did it! A 2 beat pause down on my knees. I should have pushed myself. Soon as I got back to it, she did the final count! I'll make that my goal for tomorrow.

It's been a long week. The boys have their last day of school tomorrow, then Spring Break. I think we all need the break. We have family coming this Easter weekend too! Can't wait.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day #22...Shred day #21

 Oh, my aching everything! It's nearly bedtime, so I figured I'd better  do a little writing before I crash for the night....and get up in less than 8 hours to Shred again.

Today was Day #7 of Level 2...oh Jillian, how I love to hate you, then love you again when I'm done. I found the workout very hard today. It might have been because the Amazon and I were doing a lot of the same exercises. I'm not saying she and I are perfectly in sync, but I kept up with her more than I didn't. I don't know if  I will be ready to move up to Level 3 on Monday. I know, the words sounds familiar. They may be the very same words I used when I was closing in on the end of Level 1. I'd have to go back and check, but I probably won't. 

It was also "weigh-in" day for me. I am seriously considering dumping this practice.  I've been working at this, and I'm tired of being let down by the numbers on that scale every week. Time for my weekly reminder: This is a journey, there's nothing fast about it. I'm working at having a healthier "lifestyle" ( I REALLY hate that term). This is more about being and feeling better, and less about looking better...but it's a nice side affect. ;)

I also went to Junior High Orientation with Jacob tonight....the Junior high kids are in the same school and the Senior High kids here, though I feel better now seeing just how divided the space in the school is. So much information tonight about so many things. Poor kids just sat there looking stunned. Deer in the headlights doesn't begin to cover it! I tried to reassure him they didn't expect us to remember everything, but I'm not sure he believed me. My biggest concern is that my son is old enough to be in Junior High! What the heck???