Friday, April 16, 2010

Day #39....I think it is....

I'm finished.... I completed The 30 Day Shred. Over the last week or so, I've not felt like blogging about it. I really struggled with the last 5 days. I HATED it, everything. I hated the plank work, I hated the ab work ( except for the final circuit, love that one!).  I think I was just tired of doing the same workout. 

Overall, I have to say I am glad I did the 30 days. The fact that I stuck with it is a minor miracle. I NEVER stick with anything fitness/health related.  Posting about my workouts here, on Facebook, telling my family about it...I really felt like I had to prove I could do it. 

I didn't get the major results I was hoping for, not as strict with the diet thing as I should have been. Baby steps folks, baby steps. I lost a few pounds, and a few inches, clothes are fitting better, jeans are getting looser....

So, now I have to decided what to do next. Yoga Meltdown on Sunday... I have to plan it out, or I'm afraid I'll lose momentum.


  1. Congratulations -- but, uh..why is your 30 day shred link taking me to a 4 DVD Zumba set? You got something else in the works??

  2. Good for you! I started South Beach two months ago,swim once per week and have been doing, The Shred for the past 2 1/2 weeks. I too have seen only modest results. That being said, what I have noticed is that my stamina is up, there is far less flesh rolling and bouncing when I run up the stairs, and I have small divets in my abs! If I were to use the scale as a measure of my success, I surely would have plank jacked myself off of the closest bridge! I have promised to let my jeans be my only indicator; as of last month, my scale is in the garbage dump.

  3. Hether-Oops, must have been the wrong link...though I desperately want to try Zumba!

    Kirsten- I might follow your lead with the scale, I think it hurts me more than it helps!