Thursday, March 31, 2011

Minimum Wage and Other Musings.....

Wow, nearly a month since my last post.......miss me?

I started a new job. Retail, at a store I throughly enjoy shopping at. I was hired to help do the store set-up (it's a brand spanking new location), and then to work as a sales associate. It was hard work, and long hours. The store looks fabulous, the people I work with are good folks.....even more surprising to me, I actually have been enjoying the job.

But, tomorrow, I have to leave the job.

Yup, less than a month in.

Why? Well............(In no particular order)

*The hours I am getting are not what I was led to believe they would be.
*I do not like the way the management is heading
*The shifts I am getting are conflicting with my cleaning jobs.
* I am only making minimum wage.
* As nice as my co-workers are, I am at a different place in my life than they are ( or you could say I am the Old Lady in the store.....I am.....)
*I miss my kiddos

My oldest has been watching his siblings after school....he's been great, they've been good....but, it's too much for him. He is starting to miss out on school activities so he can be home with them. let me tell you, minimum wage is NOT worth that.

I'm lucky, I don't NEED this job....good thing, since minimum wage doesn't go too far.

It also make me sad, to realize that this could be my future....minimum wage.

I need to go back to school.

I turned 35 a couple of weeks ago. In the immortal words of Sugarland : "There's gotta be something more!"
I just need to figure out what my "More" might be.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hip-po....Gaz-elle.. ..Hip-po....Gaz- elle.............What's it going to be?

Back in September....way before the snow and cold arrived....I wrote a blog about wanted to be a runner......September blog................
I have written about seeing those folks running that look like they are gliding along, feet barely skimming terra firma.....of my desire to be one of them.....that when I have attempted jogging in the past the cadence of "Hip-po, hip-po" has been so loud in my head that I can barely hear the music from my Ipod........but that was before.
Right after I wrote the post that I linked to this blog, I hurt my calf.(I'm a Klutz like no other.... there's a blog post about that too...The Swear jar I think?) Since that day, I have attempted C25K a couple more times, only to end up hurting that same darn muscle.
After some research, I decided the answer to the problem was a calf compression sleeve. So, the hunt began......I found supports for every part of the body........the ankle, the wrist, the thumb joint, back, the ever-popular knee, and many more than you'd think for male groin issues....but nothing for my poor calf. I tried a tensor bandage, but movement would displace it, and it rubbed my skin.
Finally, I looked on Ebay ( oh Ebay, what don't you have????) ...........and I found one.....and it arrived yesterday. It's pretty & purple, fits my oddly large-for-a-girl calf...........and, the best part? IT WORKED!
I did Week 2 Day #1 of C25K yesterday.....things hurt ( I hate running on a treadmill), but NOT MY CALF!
Very exciting for this Gazelle cadet!