Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Watch the Tour de France....Yes, it's True

As a general rule, I don't enjoy watching sports. I like watching swimming and diving, but this is the 2nd summer that I have gotten hooked on the Tour de France (thanks Dad!). This year, I even changed my satellite package so I could have the channel that is showing the race!( No extra cost, other than the loss of really, no loss)  The men in the race amaze me....riding their bikes up incredibly steep mountain inclines, racing down the other side at break neck speeds. Not your average Sunday bike ride! I am cheering for our Canadian rider, aptly name Ryder Hesjedal! It would have been nice if he'd won, but for an ex-mountain bike racer, I think he's fantastic. Overall though, I'd like to see Schleck beat Contador.

I got up this morning and realized it's Thursday. Already? I'm sure there are many folks who are saying "Oh, I wish it were Friday" ( or in my hubby's case, I wish it were Saturday). I find that summer vacation is rushing by, and soon I'll be doing back-to-school shopping for my darling Screaming Meemies ( 3 of whom are suspiciously quiet right now....I should go check on them).

With the end of July on the near horizon, we also have Oldest's and Son #3's birthdays to prepare for. Any ideas what to buy a boy who is turning 12? When asked his response is " I don't really know Mom." Well my son, neither do I! It's a tough age. he's not a little kid anymore, so the usual Hot Wheels and other assorted toys and action figures aren't really his thing. Yet, he's not old enough for teen items ( whatever those might be for a boy!) Son #3 is sorted, just waiting on delivery of his gift. Fingers crossed it gets here on time.

On the Wish List front......the best Husband in the world ( that would be mine) ordered those Fiverfingers shoes I mentioned in yesterday's post. I can't wait to try them. They look a little nutty, but if they work, I could care less!

****The Faith Club****
I made it through Chapter 11....there's finally been a little evolution in the story. I was surprised to read that at this point in the book, IT'S BEEN 2 YEARS!  We're only half way through the book! I'll continue ready today.....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"The Faith Club" and a little bit of Colour....

I'm reading a book called The Faith Club as part of an online bookclub initiated by one of my favourite Mommy Bloggers,  Delusional Mom. I was very excited to read this book, thinking it would be....more, than it is. I imagined it would be full of deep conversation and startling insights. Instead, I find it to be a little whiny. It's horrible to say, since these are real women I am talking about, but so far I don't really like them. Maybe it's better to say I don't like the way they have portrayed themselves. I'm nearly done Chapter 9, maybe things will turn around.

Now, for a little bit of colour.................

It's about my kids and their startling ability to TAN! It's been a pretty gloomy summer around these parts, so  up until a few  days ago, they had a touch of a Farmer's tan ( my apologies if Farmers take offense). Now, 3 days out in the yard, splashing around in the pool we've set up ( thanks Nanny and Poppa for buying it), they look like they've been on a fabulous tropical vacation. Yesterday the youngest 3 went to bed with a touch of sunburn across their shoulders and backs....then, like magic, they got out of bed today, and they are BROWN! Even Son #3 and Littlest, who are nearly as pasty as me. I'd better get some pictures before the grey skies return and their tans are only a  distant memory.....and I'm betting Nanny and Poppa would like some pool pics of the kiddos. :)

***workout watch***
I did  a 2 mile indoor workout today. I feel ridiculous doing it, but I do work up a sweat!

***wish list update***
Another addition for my dream to run a 5KM.... these are Five Fingers barefoot shoes. I am hoping to order them this week!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creative Differences

Summer vacation...............a time to relax, enjoy the warm weather, listen to the kids scream and fight.....well, I could do without that! We are in week 3 of our  summer break. There has been a definite lack of warm weather, but things are looking up. Well, at least this morning. When I look up I see blue sky and sunshine, no big black clouds rolling through yet.

The Oldest is away from home this week. The Grandparents took him to their place yesterday. I know he'll enjoy his time away from the Screaming Meemies, and he deserves a little one-on-one time. We'll miss him, especially the  Little Brothers, he does a lot for them ( and a lot for me)....he's a good kid.

The kids have just wrapped their latest movie. I don't think they finished it, creative difference have halted production. From what I could hear, the Little Girl wanted to talk about the weather, but her 2nd oldest brother wanted her to sing a song. Show Biz is tough!

Oh, and I did workout today! Yay me..... still hunting for a Ta Ta Tamer, and wishing that the Camera Fairy would come a-calling!

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Wish List, my Awesome Husband, and the as Yet Untamed Ta Ta's!

It's Monday again ( funny how it keeps on coming around), and my Dad's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!  Summer vacation does a number on me, and usually I'm not sure what day it is until I check on the calendar. ;)

I wrote about my Wish List  in my last post. Well folks, I can cross one thing off the list. I now have a gorgeous purse that I love, and have been looking at for months. (This is where the Awesome Husband part of the title comes in). I was having a crummy day on Saturday. My husband came home and saw this ( I didn't try to keep it a secret), and it gave him pause. So, later that afternoon, he came home with a bag in hand. It was the purse I had mentioned I liked a couple of months ago ....he had written a note in his BB and went and got it for me. What a guy.... he really, really is.  14 years married, and he still surprises me.

I must remember the little things and not focus on the big picture so's just too big to worry about all the time!

Still hunting for a Ta Ta Tamer......I am thinking of starting the C25K in August.....the option of using  a large roll of tensor bandage  to, ummm, confine the girls is looking like a really good idea.    ;)

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Continuing Quest for the Ta Ta Tamer and Other Things I am wishing For!

So, a while back I posted about my desperate search   (Quest for the Ta Ta Tamer)   for a Lululemon  Ta Ta Tamer in my size. I am sad to report I have had no luck. However, I did have some unexpected help in this  area. Jenna, from the GEC Online Community from Lululemon commented on my blog! She checked around to see if she could find one for me in my size! I was over the moon, I really was. Unfortunately she had as much luck as I've had ( so none), but that's ok. The fact that someone I had never met made and effort on my behalf was amazing. Thanks Jenna!

I love Lululemon, because their clothes are...let's say supportive. It is frustrating though. I wear a sz 10 in their bottoms, but not one of their workout tops fit me ( the girl, the girls).    I wish their design department would make a few pieces for their bustier amount of working out will ever make me lithe and lean, my bones aren't built like that!

 So, the quest continues....especially now. A good friend has invited me to do the 5k Breast Cancer run/walk in Edmotnon in October. Surely gonna need a Ta Ta Tamer for that. ;)

Sp, while I am wishing for this apparently amazing wonder bra, it got me thinking of the other things I have been wishing for. I thought to myself, I should make a list, make it concrete, put it out on the Wild Wild Web!  ( Borrowed Dr. Phil-ism) That way I can keep track of the things I am working for!

My Wish List

A new camera ~  this is the dream camera, but well out of my reach. I'd be happy to get this one instead. I dream of taking beautiful pictures, funky photos, and having blogs full of colour and black and white shots of my life with my Darling Screaming Meemies.

To Run a 5K ~ As mentioned earlier in the blog, I have been invited to do so. Now the work to make this wish come begins ( back to the doubled-up bras!)

To have happy kids ~ As they get older, my wishes for their happiness become more fervent. My oldest begins Junior High in the Fall, my Littlest is entering 2nd oldest boy NEEDS to have a good year after the horrible one he had with Mrs. Gr.3, and my youngest son still doubts his abilities in school ( and he is so smart and capable!). So, good vibes for the kids are most welcome!

That my husband remains happy in his job ~ He works so hard, and some days he is so frustrated. Overall he likes his position, so here's hoping it remains that way for him.

A new purse ~ A frivolous wish to be sure, but why not! I have been searching for the perfect purse for over a year...not too big and mommy, not too small and useless, but just right. With and adjustable strap!

Weightloss ~ Yup, the perennial favourite. I've wished for it for years, and for nearly 4 months I've been working at it to be sure. Maybe I should be wishing for more energy so that I can do more and work harder.... but I wouldn't mind a little magic here!

So, that's it for now. There are thousands of little things I'd love, but these are the main things....oh, and a winning Lottery Ticket. I don't need the entire Jackpot, I'd share!    ;)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Family...Long Distance and Local......

Maybe this entry will cause some familial trouble.....but I doubt it, as I have no idea if any of the Family reads my blog.
Notice I capitalized "Family" above. I've always felt that it should be, since I see Family as an entity, it's own being, certainly deserving of and uppercase "F".

My husband is from Cape Breton, out on Canada's east coast. I am a military brat, but mostly I identify with our western provinces, as that's where the majority of my Family resides.

I have been out to see my husband's Family only twice in our 14 years of marriage.... and those 2 visits were in a 12 month time span, during which our first child was born, and my Father-in-Law was ill, and then sadly passed away.  I wonder if these things colour my feelings and perceptions of the Family. I suppose they do, how could they not.

Every one seems very nice, and without question, I was welcomed with open arms as my husband's wife ( did I mention he wasn't there for the majority of both visits?). I must admit I was overwhelmed with the sheer volume of Family. To this day  I still have a hard time keeping track of everyone!

11 years have passed since I saw most of my husband's Family....young cousins have married, gone to University, had kids of their own. More loved ones have passed away, and are greatly missed.

I am an Auntie now, as my husband's younger brother and his wife had a beautiful little boy a few months ago. I've seen the pictures, and he is gorgeous ( nearly as cute as mine were  ;)    ), but it makes me sad that I will probably never meet him before he graduates from high school.

I know the East Coast Family only through stories from my husband, and now, thanks to Facebook, I am privy to all they post about their daily lives. I feel a little voyeuristic though, married to a family I am never going to be a part of in the day to day scheme of things.  3/4 of my  kids have never met their uncles, and only see their Nanny and Poppa every few years.

Yup, I guess I'm jealous of how close they all are, and that they have so many common memories and experiences. They all seem a little foreign, even a little exotic to me. :) I call them my husband's "People".

Having said all that, I love my own Family. For the first time in my adult life, we are living less than a days' drive from my parents' and my sister. What a change to see them on a regular basis than just a few times a year. As for my extended Family, well, they live in BC, and much like my husband's Family, have their own lives and live quite close to each other. I'm pretty sure I could pass a lot of my younger cousins on the street and not really know who they were. Again though, thanks to Facebook, I can see on some their walls  what's going on, and feel like maybe we're not that far apart.