Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So Mad.....I could Spit....Really.....and I Hate Spitting

Smartphones......I'll admit it, I am shamefully addicted to mine. I know, I'm not alone in this, but the shame remains.
It's all good when the phone is working, but, if something goes wrong with it ( I'll get to that shortly) it becomes a very stressful time. Let's not forget the major commercial campaigns, pushing the "newest","better","improved", making you feel as if you can't live without any of them....... what's that tag line from "that"ad?

"If you don't have an Iphone.....you don't have an Iphone."

Yes, it seems I am a sucker for marketing......I want to be a cool kid too....but, that's not the main problem here.

My problem is that I have committed Cellucide.....perhaps just Celluslaughter, as there was no intent on my part. I am a Serial Cellular Killer ( let's say I'm an  SCK).
This is the second phone I have 'taken care of" since I signed my life away to Bell Mobility almost 2 years ago. The first one, I dropped a few times. I was being a responsible Cell owner, I had it in a hard case for its protection. One day, I dropped it on gravel, getting into the car, and it must have fallen at an odd angle....it was a sad day.
This led to my purchase of a new-to-me
Blackberry Curve. It was a happy day when I received it, and was able to activate it all by my lonesome online. No muss, no fuss, I was up an running in the Cellusphere again.

***( I also had one of my first phones fall out of my pocket about 5 years ago while out walking with my kids...and a car ran over it.) ***

Now, it's June, nearly a year of Blackberry bliss. Has it been perfect? No. My phone had its quirks.... like shutting down if I played more than 3 songs in a row...and killing batteries for no good reason at all( I think it had a thing for the charger...tab-A-slot-B.....you know what I mean.) It didn't deserve to die in a hot cup of coffee....yes folks, that right......I DROPPED IT IN MY COFFEE CUP. How, you might be asking.... I picked it up to text my ever-loving husband, and it slipped right out of my hand. I

***I'd like to note here that I am always extra vigilant with my phone around toilets, for fear of it falling in...no one warned me about the dangers of texting around a steamy mug of coffee.***

After much advice from well meaning friends, and Googling away on the interwebs, hoping to find a magic solution to save my Blackberry.....no dice readers. It's dead.

I have over a year left on my contract, and 4 months until I am eligible for a handset upgrade. For a few hundred bucks, I could pay out my contract, and upgrade to a new phone....or I could just pay out the contract....or buy yet another new-to-me phone ( who knows when that one might arrive.... thanks Canada Post strike). All scenarios involve a 2 hour trip to the nearest Bell store. :(  

It drives me nuts that Cellular Carriers in Canada are such a PITA.......the phones are more expensive here than nearly anywhere else, our service packages are so sad compared to other countries.....you want a phone? Just sign on the dotted line for 3 years...oh, but don't count on the handset lasting the length of the contract.

Yes, I realize that no one held a gun to my head.
Yes, I know I lived most of my life without a cell phone.
Yes, I realize no one could have predicted I'd be klutzy enough to drop my phone in my coffee.

................the fact remains........I feel a little lost without my phone.

Any cell providers want to sponsor a slightly crazy Canadian mother/army wife? I'll use your phone, and blog all about it and how it makes my life better.....and I promise, I'll only use it if I'm drinking coffee from a cup with a lid.