Monday, December 19, 2011

Glumminess Begone!

Last week of school before Christmas really is the week that usually sucks the spirit right out of me. tired of "the usual"....
This year, I'm too busy. No more time to feel blah, no Christmas glumminess( new word, let's give it a chance.)

So, tomorrow, I will go to the gym. (Would love some more workout gear from HERE .)
I'm going to work hard, sweat a lot, and feel great .
Then, I will come home, and bake some sweet Christmas treats.
I will remember to smile when I want to grimace, and laugh when I feel irritated.

....need a laugh ( if you're all grown-up), check out this link: Right Here  ( Warning: the word vagina is mentioned...a lot).
*** my thanks to Delusional Mom for sharing this gem.***

Also, check out Strong is the New Skinny.....I find her inspirational.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

WTH, Halfway Through December?

Merry Christmas!!!! Not sure how Merry I'm feeling, but, I'll play along.
...............don't get me wrong, I do love Christmas. Shiny lights and ornaments, the excitement of the kiddos, seeing friends and family.....yet, somehow, I always feel a slight sense of....blah. Pretty sure that's a technical term there too folks. I'm a good little Army Wife, I soldier on, knowing that in no time, I will be caught up in this festive season.

There has been plenty going on around here since my last post.

  • Fabulous Running Buddy and I completed a "Try a Tri" (15 k on the stationary bike, 5k run on the treadmill&500m swim in the pool). Why, you may ask......was it a race? Nope. We just did it to see if we could.
  • In November, Running Buddy decided to join a 90 Miles in November challenge, so, of course, I tagged along. It was a great challenge, would definitely do it again.
  • At the end of November, we completed a Sprint Tri ( well, in distance). This time, 20k on the spin bike, 5k on the treadmill, and 1000m in the pool. Why? Well, we wanted to be sure we had enough mileage for the challenge, and, well, to see if we could. We could, we did, and we did it in less than 2 hours.                                                                               
  • In non-fitness related news.....the kids are doing so well! We were so pleased with their first round of report cards. Each of my kids have their own strengths, and they really shined  through this term.

Seems my life mostly revolves around my fitness goals right now.....and will again in 2012.

  • Commence training for a half marathon in January
  • Start the winter round of our weight-loss competition
  • Sign-up for Zumba! (We're going to our 3rd class tonight, love it)
One could read my blog and think I've become obsessive about this whole fitness thing...maybe I have. I don't feel that way though.
Taking care of myself has opened a lot of doors for me. I've met new people, made friends, stepped out of my comfort zone.
Taking care of myself's leading by example for my kiddos.

I would like to say I'll blog more often, but, I'd hate to make myself a liar. Maybe I'll feel inspired over the next days and weeks, maybe I'll be too busy running!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1st, new month, barely into Fall. 

Highlights since my last post:

*Kids are back to school. Oldest is doing great in gr.8. Not loving that the teachers give actual they sign it at the end of class! ( Wait until gr. 10 my son). Son #2 is liking school ( I nearly didn't write that, as I am scared to jinx things). He has a fantastic woman teaching him, sadly, only until February, when the regular teacher teacher returns from Maternity Leave. Oldest has had her before, so, fingers crossed for the best. Son #3 has his first male teacher. So far so good, and, as always, e is loving school. Littlest is struggling the teeniest bit. Her teacher has trouble understanding her with the whole Dyspraxia thingy. She is resuming Speech Therapy, and I hope all is well in a very short time for her....and that Mrs. Gr2 will try to be patient and make an effort to work with her, and not just wait for our Littlest to talk like a "normal girl".....Mrs. Gr2's words, not mine.

*My Running Buddy and I officially completed the "C25K" program a week ago. This is a HUGE accomplishment for both of us. To celebrate, we ran 5.2 KM last Saturday morning. My very sweet buddy presented me with a certificate in honour of the occassion. :) In hindsight, I should have got her flowers or something. She is the reason I kept ( and keep) running. It's too easy to quit when I'm only letting myself down. She pushed me to do better, and I thank her for it.

* Running Buddy and I ran our first official race on September 10th.It was a 4K trail, not just a race, not just 4K.....but, a trail run folks. I always thought the prairies we so flat.....I stand corrected.
It was an amazing experience. To be running with what I would consider "real" runners. Now, we have the bibs to prove we ARE real runners! (Me on your right, fabulous Running Buddy on the left)

We also wore our Vibram Five Fingers , and we were the only one out of 65 runners that did. 
Running Buddy and I are about to commence the "Gateway to 8K" training program now. Wish us luck!

*Hubby worked all summer, and got his leave after Summer Holidays were done. If he had to report to work with an essay on what he did on his leave, it would be: "I Crammed all my Honey-Do projects into a Couple Weeks"


*Last weekend, we went to our friend's home for a big family meal, and took advantage of the turning leaves and beautiful property. It was soooooooo hot, like, in the mid 30'sC, and so, so windy, as only a hot prairie wind can be. I'll leave you with one of my favourite shots. Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Timing....all about Timing

Blogging after midnight......probably a bad idea.....I mean, really, shouldn't all good Mommies be in bed? Not this Mommy......I have a horrible habit of staying up later and enjoying my alone time....totally not what I was going to bang out on my keyboard when I logged in.....

A few milestones have come and gone this summer:

~Oldest son turned 13  **sniff sniff** I look at him, and I just can't wrap my head around it. He was a baby a second ago, I swear. I know, most Moms feel like this at some point, so at least I'm in good company.

~Youngest son turned 9....not yet 13, but, inching closer.

~ the 3 year anniversary of us moving here has come and gone. It's feeling like a real home, and that's a good feeling. Even more exciting for me personally....I HAVE LIVED IN THIS ONE HOUSE FOR OVER 3 YEARS!  It's the longest I've resided in one home in my adult life.

~In a few short days, we will mark the 3rd anniversary of the loss of a friend's husband, father of her girls. He died in Afghanistan, and he is missed

~ I have started C25K fact, tomorrow is Day 2 of Week 4. I've never made it past this point. The difference this time is that I am doing it with a fantastic buddy, and we' registered to run our first race (4K) on September 10th! (Very exciting).

Time has marched along, sometimes so slowly I could have screamed in frustration, sometime so quickly things are a blur.

However, at this moment, I think we're heading in the right direction.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Schedule..... meh.

I always look forward to summer vacation......lazy days, sleeping in, no place to rush off to with the kiddos.....and then, a month in ( like, right about now)....I feel like my nerves are frazzled and the kiddos are running all over the frayed ends.

Not like we haven't been busy, because, we sure have been. Trips back and forth to the Grandparents' place .......activities there with friends.....come home, trips to the lake, bike rides, housework.......but, no set schedule.
I have dreams of being an organized person...they sit alongside my fantasies of having a home ready for company any time, kids who listen & do as they are told with a smile, a dog that doesn't turn into a frenzied barking gremlin when the doorbell rings, and that my laundry is all washed, folded and put away.

No matter what though.....I am still loving the fact that I DON'T HAVE TO MAKE LUNCHES FOR SCHOOL!  I swear, if I was a better organized person and could home school.....the no lunches thing would be a real perk!

How  do you keep the ends tied tight in the summer?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Divorce....what an Ugly Thing

No marriage/relationship is perfect. Generally, if there is a separation or divorce, both parties had their part in getting to that point. ( Yes, there are always exceptions, I realize that, but, bear with me).

We're a military family, and it seems like more of us get divorced than anyone I know....most likely because that's the world I live in.
It generally seems to go one of 2 ways:
1.The woman ruins the guy financially.
2.The guy withholds support money from the wife and kiddos.

Big generalizations, I know, but I don't want to single out anyone I know personally.

If a person claims to want to move on, end the relationship, start a new chapter in his/her life, then why the hell do they drag things out? Both sides should be mature about the thing. ( Yeah right, I hear you all say).

If the marriage is something a person can't live in, then, by all means, GET OUT! Why prolong the misery with petty legal wrangling? Be responsible for your own s*it, and quit nickle and diming each other to death.

Do you have kids? Pay fair support for them. Get a 2nd job if you have to.Why would you want your kiddo to go without?
Got debt? Do what's fair and right, pay what you can, don't stick your Ex with something that will cripple them for life while you get nothing to deal with.
Hate each other? Fair enough. You probably wouldn't be divorcing if you were madly in love.

I just hate to see people destroy each other, and, maybe as someone not getting divorced, I should keep my mouth shut. That being said.....
.....watching the implosion ( or explosion) of a marriage is horrible to see, whether it's friends or family. People I have spent time with, as my friends, or with our then see you rip each other to shreds....if I feel this bad for you, I can only imagine how it must feel for you. Off the top of my head, I know 3 couples in the midst of icky divorces right now. I'd like to lock them all in a room for a big group time-out until they all behave like the adults they claim to be.

"Nothing Tastes as good as Thin Feels"......Really?

I hear this and see this a lot, and it drives me NUTS! I don't find it encouraging in any way.....n fact, I find it insulting.  ( Sorry to anyone I know that likes this saying, just my opinion).

I haven't been "thin" for years.....I honestly do not remember a time when I wasn't struggling with my size.    No matter what size I was in the past, I always felt bigger than the folks in my social circle. So, for me, that ( for lack of a better word) mantra is ridiculous. 

For me, eating has often been about IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION. I get to enjoy the taste of whatever it is I am eating RIGHT NOW. I don't have to wait a year for that slurpee to taste delicious, or for those hot, crispy fries to fill my belly. Chocolate NEVER tells me to wait until later......   
How does thin feel? Will "thin" ever be something I can relate to? 

Honestly, "thin" isn't my main goal.  

?????? Say What ??????  

That's right. To me, thin evokes an image of a small, delicate things....easily snapped, broken under pressure. Ever seen one of those wooden coffee stir sticks at Starbuck's? That, my friends, is THIN, and I can break it without thought.  

This whole "Nothing tastes as god as thin feels" thing is closely related to the "Food as Fuel" school of thought. Yes, it's true, food does FUEL our bodies....but, if it were merely that, we'd all be living on nutrient wafers and food pellets, washed down with flat, boiled water. 

Can we all say YUCK?!?!? 

What we need....well, what I needed, was to CHANGE my ideas about what is GOOD when it comes to food. My tastebuds needed an EDUCATION.  
White bread used to taste like it tastes like cardboard, without the fibre. 

~~~One cookie is a delicious treat , 5 is an upset stomach. 

~~~ Freggies are delicious, not just good for me.   

~~~Perfect eating is whatever makes me feel the best on the inside, and look fantastic on the outside.  
~~~My "diet" is forever, so I need to be able to live with it. 

~~~Food is fuel....and pleasure.....but too much of either makes it all a CHORE! 

I'm going to be: 
**** svelte ( love the sound of that word) 
**** Strong 
**** Centered 

I've been using the"17 Day Diet" . It's normal food, and has totally shifted my perspective on food. I feel better, and, I am seeing results! 
( As are some other family members who are looking FANFRICKINTASTIC!) 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So Mad.....I could Spit....Really.....and I Hate Spitting

Smartphones......I'll admit it, I am shamefully addicted to mine. I know, I'm not alone in this, but the shame remains.
It's all good when the phone is working, but, if something goes wrong with it ( I'll get to that shortly) it becomes a very stressful time. Let's not forget the major commercial campaigns, pushing the "newest","better","improved", making you feel as if you can't live without any of them....... what's that tag line from "that"ad?

"If you don't have an don't have an Iphone."

Yes, it seems I am a sucker for marketing......I want to be a cool kid too....but, that's not the main problem here.

My problem is that I have committed Cellucide.....perhaps just Celluslaughter, as there was no intent on my part. I am a Serial Cellular Killer ( let's say I'm an  SCK).
This is the second phone I have 'taken care of" since I signed my life away to Bell Mobility almost 2 years ago. The first one, I dropped a few times. I was being a responsible Cell owner, I had it in a hard case for its protection. One day, I dropped it on gravel, getting into the car, and it must have fallen at an odd was a sad day.
This led to my purchase of a new-to-me
Blackberry Curve. It was a happy day when I received it, and was able to activate it all by my lonesome online. No muss, no fuss, I was up an running in the Cellusphere again.

***( I also had one of my first phones fall out of my pocket about 5 years ago while out walking with my kids...and a car ran over it.) ***

Now, it's June, nearly a year of Blackberry bliss. Has it been perfect? No. My phone had its quirks.... like shutting down if I played more than 3 songs in a row...and killing batteries for no good reason at all( I think it had a thing for the know what I mean.) It didn't deserve to die in a hot cup of coffee....yes folks, that right......I DROPPED IT IN MY COFFEE CUP. How, you might be asking.... I picked it up to text my ever-loving husband, and it slipped right out of my hand. I

***I'd like to note here that I am always extra vigilant with my phone around toilets, for fear of it falling one warned me about the dangers of texting around a steamy mug of coffee.***

After much advice from well meaning friends, and Googling away on the interwebs, hoping to find a magic solution to save my dice readers. It's dead.

I have over a year left on my contract, and 4 months until I am eligible for a handset upgrade. For a few hundred bucks, I could pay out my contract, and upgrade to a new phone....or I could just pay out the contract....or buy yet another new-to-me phone ( who knows when that one might arrive.... thanks Canada Post strike). All scenarios involve a 2 hour trip to the nearest Bell store. :(  

It drives me nuts that Cellular Carriers in Canada are such a PITA.......the phones are more expensive here than nearly anywhere else, our service packages are so sad compared to other want a phone? Just sign on the dotted line for 3 years...oh, but don't count on the handset lasting the length of the contract.

Yes, I realize that no one held a gun to my head.
Yes, I know I lived most of my life without a cell phone.
Yes, I realize no one could have predicted I'd be klutzy enough to drop my phone in my coffee.

................the fact remains........I feel a little lost without my phone.

Any cell providers want to sponsor a slightly crazy Canadian mother/army wife? I'll use your phone, and blog all about it and how it makes my life better.....and I promise, I'll only use it if I'm drinking coffee from a cup with a lid.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Little Spring on the Prairies.....

It looks like the beginning of Spring here in AB.....the kids are wearing mitts in the morning, and coming home in wet gum boots at the end of the day....things are mushy, brown or grey...and there is snow  the forecast for the next few days. Yuck. I know, it's like this every year.....but nearly 15 years in the province, and I still don't like it.
Move to another province you say? No dice folks, I'm married to an army man....
See this picture? I used to live there....well, not THERE, but, on that island.  That's what I wish for, to live somewhere like this again. I suppose the prairies have their own beauty, but there is just something about being close to the ocean. Maybe in my next life?

Easter Break for the kids is finally in sight ( we don't do Spring Break here, not exactly sure why). We are ALL so ready for this break. the kids have Spring Fever, and I need a week off of making lunches....oh, how I hate to make lunches.

Nanny and Poppa are coming to visit that week too, all the way from Cape Breton. They will be shocked by just how big my Meemies have gotten in a year's time....the hubs and I will be taking advantage of their visit, and heading into the city for an overnight stay....Thanks Nanny and Poppa.

I suppose I should get back to my Domestic Duties....I've worked out, had a coffee, no more excuses left.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Funk vs The Junk in my .....Gut?

I've been feeling a little funky.....I've been talking about making a comeback.....yadda yadda yadda.....but the funk has not shrunk....neither has my waistline.

Bob's been glaring at me from the front of his dvd cases, which I have left on my TV stand, in plain has not spurred me to action as I had hoped it would.

This morning, I put on my workout clothes when I rolled out of bed. I HAD to get my body moving today. Got the kids ready and out the door, got Hubs out the door, fed the dog....and I wanted nothing more than to go back to, my eyes were droopy, I was cold, and the duvet was calling sweetly to me.

I did not listen. I didn't do a killer workout either... my workout was good for the ol' bod, but even better for the soul.

I played "Just Dance 2"....and yes, I say played. Why? Because I did all the silly songs that I would be too embarrassed to do without an infusion of alcohol were I doing them in front of others.

"Wake me Up! Before you go-go"
"Tik Tok"
........and other assorted tunes.

My heart rate was up, I broke a sweat, but more importantly....I was grinning like a fool by the end of it. 

Not sure if Bob would have approved of my choice.....oh well. I'm doing this for me.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shhhhh...yup, it sounds like nothing.....

Wednesday morning, and I hardly know what to do with myself. The kids are at school, Hubs is at work, Dexter is exhausted from our morning walk and is napping it off in the chair.....and I have nowhere to be today. After the last few weeks of craziness....well,it feels wrong. ( But if this is wrong, I don't wanna be right.....)

The kids are glad I left my job. They all said they were fine, but, they're still young enough to want me around I guess....not that they want to BE with me exactly, but rather, they like my presence in the house. My darling little Screaming Meemies, getting bigger, but not grown just yet.

Oldest may have enjoyed the money he was getting for the child minding, but, he is equally relieved to have been....umm.....relieved of his duties. Son #2 stops by and hugs me, Son #3 has a zillion stories to tell me, and Littlest tells me I look nice....all is right in their world now I guess.  ;)

Now I need to make myself a schedule and get back to taking care of this family, this house and me....but, for just this moment....I'm going to sit here, sip my coffee and listen to the clock tick

....and log onto Facebook.  :o)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

It Would Smell Wonderful......

Something more....something more.....

Something More:

A little shop, decorated by "my" style. Nothing perfectly matched, but, somehow it all goes together. Warm colours, soft textures, all whispering "welcome" and "comfort" as you step through the door...

It would smell wonderful.

What kind of shop, you might be asking would be a small coffee and bake shop.  Not a big menu of any kind, just a few things daily. I'd have good coffee on offer ( and I'd even pour it for folks...something that is lacking in town here). I'd also have tea, and not just the trendy types, but good Orange Pekoe!

I'd display local art and small crafts, have photos on the walls taken by the people who frequent the shop.

It's the sort of thing my Dad has talked about doing for years.....seems it's seeped into my brain as well.

I know that most new small businesses fail....doesn't make me want it any less.....that's the whole point of dreams are that they are what you wish for, not all you can do. turn a dream into a goal.....

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Minimum Wage and Other Musings.....

Wow, nearly a month since my last post.......miss me?

I started a new job. Retail, at a store I throughly enjoy shopping at. I was hired to help do the store set-up (it's a brand spanking new location), and then to work as a sales associate. It was hard work, and long hours. The store looks fabulous, the people I work with are good folks.....even more surprising to me, I actually have been enjoying the job.

But, tomorrow, I have to leave the job.

Yup, less than a month in.

Why? Well............(In no particular order)

*The hours I am getting are not what I was led to believe they would be.
*I do not like the way the management is heading
*The shifts I am getting are conflicting with my cleaning jobs.
* I am only making minimum wage.
* As nice as my co-workers are, I am at a different place in my life than they are ( or you could say I am the Old Lady in the store.....I am.....)
*I miss my kiddos

My oldest has been watching his siblings after school....he's been great, they've been good....but, it's too much for him. He is starting to miss out on school activities so he can be home with them. let me tell you, minimum wage is NOT worth that.

I'm lucky, I don't NEED this job....good thing, since minimum wage doesn't go too far.

It also make me sad, to realize that this could be my future....minimum wage.

I need to go back to school.

I turned 35 a couple of weeks ago. In the immortal words of Sugarland : "There's gotta be something more!"
I just need to figure out what my "More" might be.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hip-po....Gaz-elle.. ..Hip-po....Gaz- elle.............What's it going to be?

Back in September....way before the snow and cold arrived....I wrote a blog about wanted to be a runner......September blog................
I have written about seeing those folks running that look like they are gliding along, feet barely skimming terra firma.....of my desire to be one of them.....that when I have attempted jogging in the past the cadence of "Hip-po, hip-po" has been so loud in my head that I can barely hear the music from my Ipod........but that was before.
Right after I wrote the post that I linked to this blog, I hurt my calf.(I'm a Klutz like no other.... there's a blog post about that too...The Swear jar I think?) Since that day, I have attempted C25K a couple more times, only to end up hurting that same darn muscle.
After some research, I decided the answer to the problem was a calf compression sleeve. So, the hunt began......I found supports for every part of the body........the ankle, the wrist, the thumb joint, back, the ever-popular knee, and many more than you'd think for male groin issues....but nothing for my poor calf. I tried a tensor bandage, but movement would displace it, and it rubbed my skin.
Finally, I looked on Ebay ( oh Ebay, what don't you have????) ...........and I found one.....and it arrived yesterday. It's pretty & purple, fits my oddly large-for-a-girl calf...........and, the best part? IT WORKED!
I did Week 2 Day #1 of C25K yesterday.....things hurt ( I hate running on a treadmill), but NOT MY CALF!
Very exciting for this Gazelle cadet! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I feel a little like a little bouncy ball......bouncing around in no particular direction. Just bouncing off everything around me, going this way and that way. 

It was weigh-in last night at my BL challenge. I was a teeny bit up, like 4 weeks I have lost, gained, and nearly lost the same 4lbs. Very frustrating....and I'm sick of paying money into the pot. 

So, things have to change. I keep saying I will PLAN my workouts....but I haven't. This week is as close as I have come, thanks to a new challenge that I am participating in. Now I have a wicked cold, and my motivation is a little dulled by the cold medicine and nasal congestion. No worries, my workout WILL happen today, just a little later in the day. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Plan~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1.This weekend, mark out on the calendar what workouts I am going to do, and when. 
~ I NEED to carve out this time, make an appointment with my future self, so that when summer hits, I'm not having to find bigger sizes in my summer clothes....because I donated everything from last summer. 

2.Start doing a little delegation. 
~I have 4 healthy kids and a husband. I think it's time for them to start helping out more around here, so I have time and energy to keep those appointments I was talking about above. 
For years, I have stayed home to care for them. Now I work part-time, and I'm not home all day every day tending hearth and home. Also, they need to know how to fend for themselves, it's a healthy life lesson.  

3. Meal Planning & New Recipes 
~We have a well balanced diet, but, it's a little... repetitive. Mostly because it's easy.... but I need a little culinary inspiration. So, more homework, but it will pay off in the long run. 
****SIDE NOTE**** 
Part of the BL challenge this week is to try a new grain. I am a little stumped. We eat quinoa, couscous, bran, wheat......any ideas would be considered and appreciated. (I'm sure we eat others too, but I my cold addled brain is stalling on me at the moment)  

So, that's my 3 prong plan for now. I reserve the right to tweak, change and completely re-arrange this plan at any time.... after all, change is good..... 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekend......dirty floors and pecking chickens.....

Considering each day felt longer than the last this week, the week itself flew by. WTH? Time is so relative..... 
Last weekend I had a big "To Do" list....I must confess, I didn't get it all done. I don't feel bad about it. Why should I? The chores will always be there, but, how much longer will my kids want to cuddle with me, or have me read them a book?
My Mom, years ago, gave me a little plaque that says " Good Mothers have sticky floors, filthy ovens, and Happy Kids...." I tend to live by that. Not that my floors are coated with mystery substances or anything like that...but if the laundry stays in the basket a little longer than I like, I'm just fine with that. 
My sister gave me a plaque about motherhood too....."Raising children is like being pecked to death by a chicken"......................
.....that one is just as true!!!! 
Sorry, tangent, getting back on track..............  
Where was I...weekend.....yes, the List. 

~get through the kids' dressers THIS weekend.....I think they grew again this week, so, it's probably good that I didn't get to it before.  
~more baking and cooking....the growing children ( especially the 12 year old man-child and my 8 year old) ate pretty much everything. 
~more laundry......Mt. Washmore is as enduring as the Rockies 
~play. Yup, it's on the list. I see a Just Dance/Wii Sports resort challenge in my future. 
~ clean the bathrooms...OMG, I hate cleaning bathrooms.....3 boys + a husband.....I wish none of them had ever learned to pee standing up!  

Saturday is my BL Challenge required rest day, so no workout tomorrow. 

Our BL challenges this week are: 
30 Jumping jacks 
5- 1 minute wall sits 
10 minutes of weights 
30 minutes of cardio 

We also have to try a new freggie, or try one that we didn't like as a the running are avacado, eggplant, or artichoke? We live in a pretty small prairie town, so exotic choices are limited. 
Suggestions are welcome! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Belated Birthday Post....Cake Pop Pictures

I have been meaning to post about my great Cake Pop adventure back in January. So, here it is! ( Bet you've been holding your breathe....)
A Facebook friend had posted a photo of some adorable reindeer creations she had made at Christmas, and I was smitten. I have birthdays for 2 of my kids in January, and I had been trying to think of something special to do for them.....cake pops were the answer! I followed a link to this blog ---->Bakerella....and was amazed by what I amazed that I ordered her book that night. I love it, and I wish I had half the talent that she does ( I highly recommend buying the book).

First was Littlest's birthday, then son #2. You can tell who's cake pops were who's by the colours.
It was labour intensive. I have never worked with candy melts before, my cake took longer to dry out than I had thought it would. In the end though, it was worth it. They were delicious, and the kids were well impressed. :)

Shoulda.....Coulda.....Will do now.

It's cold......"Duh" you say "It's February in Alberta!"
Yeah yeah, I know. I'm looking forward to fewer layers and warmer fingers and toes (and wearing my Vibrams outdoors again).Only 2-3 months to go! I can't wait to end the Morning Mitten Hunt, the endless "Mom! Have you seen my________?" (Insert your favourite article of winter clothing in the blank.)
My energy level is low.....real low. My workouts are not as intense as they have been. Bob's sitting on the TV stand, glaring at me. I promised I would do his workouts 3 times a week after Christmas...not so much. Maybe, once a week, and it hurts every time. I know if I just got up and did it, I would be feeling soooooo much better. Let me tell ya....that sort of logical thinking does not fly when the alarm goes off , and your bed is so warm.....
I'm still getting in cardio daily, and whatever fitness challenges I have assigned  for the week  from my local Biggest Loser Challenge... not enough though.
I'm creeping ever closer to the One Year mark since I started, and I'm only half way to where I wanted to be. In that time, I have learned that expectations do not always match up with reality...and, I am learning to be ok with that.
Sure would be nice to be one of those lucky folks that goes to a warm place with blue water during these short, cold days and long nights....instead, I will look forward to the warmer weather just a few days from now.

Monday, January 24, 2011

January Here

January is a nutty month around here. Not only are we dealing with the post-holiday let down, we also have 2 of our kid's birthdays this month.
The Princess ( our baby) turned 7 a mere 10 days ago.......7, not a little one anymore, but, now a big girl.
Son #2 turns 10 today...a decade.....seriously? How can it be that time has flown? I vividly remember my 10th birthday, that I felt so old because I'd been on the Earth for a whole decade.
(I'm really trying not to think about the fact the the oldest son turns 13 this summer, and that son #3 will be 9 then too.)

The song "Your Gonna Miss This" my Trace Adkins makes me choke-up every time I hear it on the radio, because it's true....(don't tell my parents).

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Working Out at Home

Reasons I like working out at home: 

~I can turn up the music or DVD as loud as I can. 
~ I can wear WHATEVER I want. For example, today was a tank top, sports bra, boy shorts and an outrageous Lululemon hair wrap in blindingly bright pink! 
 I looked like a hot mess, but, felt like a superstar! 
~Cursing....lots of cursing. I heard that there was a study, that swearing makes you feel better when you hurt yourself. It's true folks. I was swearing a blue streak at Bob and the hardbodies today, and it made me feel MUCH better. 

Today was Bob strength DVD from his "Inside Out Method" series. Serious burn. I love that the big muscle guy (Francisco) struggles A LOT in the workout. The one woman I really like ( whose name escapes me now) is my hero. She has 4 kids (like me), but is rockin' the hottest bod EVER! 

Like many people, I did not feel like working out today. I have a dental appointment that I wish I could sleep through ( serious dental phobic over here). I have to clean the house for weekend company and my Son #2 has his bday party tomorrow, and I have to finish putting his cake ball creation many excuses. 

But....yup, there's a but.................... 

I did the one hour workout....grunting...sweat dripping off my nose.....and a big ol' grin on my face during the stretches at the end. 

***I will have sexy arms for the summer. 
***I will wear shorts for the first time in many summers. 
***I will hit my 35th bday looking and feeling better than I have since....well, since before I was 30.