Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shoulda.....Coulda.....Will do now.

It's cold......"Duh" you say "It's February in Alberta!"
Yeah yeah, I know. I'm looking forward to fewer layers and warmer fingers and toes (and wearing my Vibrams outdoors again).Only 2-3 months to go! I can't wait to end the Morning Mitten Hunt, the endless "Mom! Have you seen my________?" (Insert your favourite article of winter clothing in the blank.)
My energy level is low.....real low. My workouts are not as intense as they have been. Bob's sitting on the TV stand, glaring at me. I promised I would do his workouts 3 times a week after Christmas...not so much. Maybe, once a week, and it hurts every time. I know if I just got up and did it, I would be feeling soooooo much better. Let me tell ya....that sort of logical thinking does not fly when the alarm goes off , and your bed is so warm.....
I'm still getting in cardio daily, and whatever fitness challenges I have assigned  for the week  from my local Biggest Loser Challenge... not enough though.
I'm creeping ever closer to the One Year mark since I started, and I'm only half way to where I wanted to be. In that time, I have learned that expectations do not always match up with reality...and, I am learning to be ok with that.
Sure would be nice to be one of those lucky folks that goes to a warm place with blue water during these short, cold days and long nights....instead, I will look forward to the warmer weather just a few days from now.

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