Thursday, February 24, 2011


I feel a little like a little bouncy ball......bouncing around in no particular direction. Just bouncing off everything around me, going this way and that way. 

It was weigh-in last night at my BL challenge. I was a teeny bit up, like 4 weeks I have lost, gained, and nearly lost the same 4lbs. Very frustrating....and I'm sick of paying money into the pot. 

So, things have to change. I keep saying I will PLAN my workouts....but I haven't. This week is as close as I have come, thanks to a new challenge that I am participating in. Now I have a wicked cold, and my motivation is a little dulled by the cold medicine and nasal congestion. No worries, my workout WILL happen today, just a little later in the day. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Plan~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1.This weekend, mark out on the calendar what workouts I am going to do, and when. 
~ I NEED to carve out this time, make an appointment with my future self, so that when summer hits, I'm not having to find bigger sizes in my summer clothes....because I donated everything from last summer. 

2.Start doing a little delegation. 
~I have 4 healthy kids and a husband. I think it's time for them to start helping out more around here, so I have time and energy to keep those appointments I was talking about above. 
For years, I have stayed home to care for them. Now I work part-time, and I'm not home all day every day tending hearth and home. Also, they need to know how to fend for themselves, it's a healthy life lesson.  

3. Meal Planning & New Recipes 
~We have a well balanced diet, but, it's a little... repetitive. Mostly because it's easy.... but I need a little culinary inspiration. So, more homework, but it will pay off in the long run. 
****SIDE NOTE**** 
Part of the BL challenge this week is to try a new grain. I am a little stumped. We eat quinoa, couscous, bran, wheat......any ideas would be considered and appreciated. (I'm sure we eat others too, but I my cold addled brain is stalling on me at the moment)  

So, that's my 3 prong plan for now. I reserve the right to tweak, change and completely re-arrange this plan at any time.... after all, change is good..... 

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