Thursday, February 24, 2011


I feel a little like a little bouncy ball......bouncing around in no particular direction. Just bouncing off everything around me, going this way and that way. 

It was weigh-in last night at my BL challenge. I was a teeny bit up, like 4 weeks I have lost, gained, and nearly lost the same 4lbs. Very frustrating....and I'm sick of paying money into the pot. 

So, things have to change. I keep saying I will PLAN my workouts....but I haven't. This week is as close as I have come, thanks to a new challenge that I am participating in. Now I have a wicked cold, and my motivation is a little dulled by the cold medicine and nasal congestion. No worries, my workout WILL happen today, just a little later in the day. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Plan~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1.This weekend, mark out on the calendar what workouts I am going to do, and when. 
~ I NEED to carve out this time, make an appointment with my future self, so that when summer hits, I'm not having to find bigger sizes in my summer clothes....because I donated everything from last summer. 

2.Start doing a little delegation. 
~I have 4 healthy kids and a husband. I think it's time for them to start helping out more around here, so I have time and energy to keep those appointments I was talking about above. 
For years, I have stayed home to care for them. Now I work part-time, and I'm not home all day every day tending hearth and home. Also, they need to know how to fend for themselves, it's a healthy life lesson.  

3. Meal Planning & New Recipes 
~We have a well balanced diet, but, it's a little... repetitive. Mostly because it's easy.... but I need a little culinary inspiration. So, more homework, but it will pay off in the long run. 
****SIDE NOTE**** 
Part of the BL challenge this week is to try a new grain. I am a little stumped. We eat quinoa, couscous, bran, wheat......any ideas would be considered and appreciated. (I'm sure we eat others too, but I my cold addled brain is stalling on me at the moment)  

So, that's my 3 prong plan for now. I reserve the right to tweak, change and completely re-arrange this plan at any time.... after all, change is good..... 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekend......dirty floors and pecking chickens.....

Considering each day felt longer than the last this week, the week itself flew by. WTH? Time is so relative..... 
Last weekend I had a big "To Do" list....I must confess, I didn't get it all done. I don't feel bad about it. Why should I? The chores will always be there, but, how much longer will my kids want to cuddle with me, or have me read them a book?
My Mom, years ago, gave me a little plaque that says " Good Mothers have sticky floors, filthy ovens, and Happy Kids...." I tend to live by that. Not that my floors are coated with mystery substances or anything like that...but if the laundry stays in the basket a little longer than I like, I'm just fine with that. 
My sister gave me a plaque about motherhood too....."Raising children is like being pecked to death by a chicken"......................
.....that one is just as true!!!! 
Sorry, tangent, getting back on track..............  
Where was I...weekend.....yes, the List. 

~get through the kids' dressers THIS weekend.....I think they grew again this week, so, it's probably good that I didn't get to it before.  
~more baking and cooking....the growing children ( especially the 12 year old man-child and my 8 year old) ate pretty much everything. 
~more laundry......Mt. Washmore is as enduring as the Rockies 
~play. Yup, it's on the list. I see a Just Dance/Wii Sports resort challenge in my future. 
~ clean the bathrooms...OMG, I hate cleaning bathrooms.....3 boys + a husband.....I wish none of them had ever learned to pee standing up!  

Saturday is my BL Challenge required rest day, so no workout tomorrow. 

Our BL challenges this week are: 
30 Jumping jacks 
5- 1 minute wall sits 
10 minutes of weights 
30 minutes of cardio 

We also have to try a new freggie, or try one that we didn't like as a the running are avacado, eggplant, or artichoke? We live in a pretty small prairie town, so exotic choices are limited. 
Suggestions are welcome! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Belated Birthday Post....Cake Pop Pictures

I have been meaning to post about my great Cake Pop adventure back in January. So, here it is! ( Bet you've been holding your breathe....)
A Facebook friend had posted a photo of some adorable reindeer creations she had made at Christmas, and I was smitten. I have birthdays for 2 of my kids in January, and I had been trying to think of something special to do for them.....cake pops were the answer! I followed a link to this blog ---->Bakerella....and was amazed by what I amazed that I ordered her book that night. I love it, and I wish I had half the talent that she does ( I highly recommend buying the book).

First was Littlest's birthday, then son #2. You can tell who's cake pops were who's by the colours.
It was labour intensive. I have never worked with candy melts before, my cake took longer to dry out than I had thought it would. In the end though, it was worth it. They were delicious, and the kids were well impressed. :)

Shoulda.....Coulda.....Will do now.

It's cold......"Duh" you say "It's February in Alberta!"
Yeah yeah, I know. I'm looking forward to fewer layers and warmer fingers and toes (and wearing my Vibrams outdoors again).Only 2-3 months to go! I can't wait to end the Morning Mitten Hunt, the endless "Mom! Have you seen my________?" (Insert your favourite article of winter clothing in the blank.)
My energy level is low.....real low. My workouts are not as intense as they have been. Bob's sitting on the TV stand, glaring at me. I promised I would do his workouts 3 times a week after Christmas...not so much. Maybe, once a week, and it hurts every time. I know if I just got up and did it, I would be feeling soooooo much better. Let me tell ya....that sort of logical thinking does not fly when the alarm goes off , and your bed is so warm.....
I'm still getting in cardio daily, and whatever fitness challenges I have assigned  for the week  from my local Biggest Loser Challenge... not enough though.
I'm creeping ever closer to the One Year mark since I started, and I'm only half way to where I wanted to be. In that time, I have learned that expectations do not always match up with reality...and, I am learning to be ok with that.
Sure would be nice to be one of those lucky folks that goes to a warm place with blue water during these short, cold days and long nights....instead, I will look forward to the warmer weather just a few days from now.