Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boo! It's Time for Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween. Around here, that means it's time for carving pumpkins. roasting the seeds, and hoping the costumes the kids picked fit, hold together, and are still something they want to wear.
I don't do the decorating thing. Maybe a few spider webs, or caution tape. In years past I did the little pumpkin and ghost bags in the tree. Not now though....maybe I'm becoming a Halloween Grinch....or, maybe it's just that the kids are older.
#1 Son wasn't even going to go Trick or Treating. He's 12, and I know he would have been bummed when #2, #3, and Littlest came home with bags 'o candy ( and I am certain they would not share willingly). So, Ogre Mom that I am, I am making him go. Next year, he can be in charge of taking his siblings out and about. ;)

It's looking like the temp will be above zero tomorrow in the early evening, so added bonus, no snow suits under the costumes! Oh, to live in a place where this is not something to be considered.

Happy Halloween all.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Been One Week........................

OK, so, a week short a day....I couldn't think of a better title. This was often a stumbling block for me in school. I could write an essay with one eye closed, one hand tied behind my back ( as long as it was my left) the night before it was due and pull off a mark in the high 90's. Usually my title was less than inspired ( such as the one at the top of this post), and it often came back to me with red ink on it.

But, that's not at all what this post is about today....well, I guess it kind of is now.....oh shoot, there I go again! NEXT TOPIC PLEASE!

So, last week, I talked a little about the photos I had done in the city by a fabulous group of ladies at Edmonton Boudoir Photography, and I had said I might share a couple of the shots right here. I love, love, love these pictures. I said it last time, and I'll say it again: You would never know they are me if you walked by me on the street. In everyday life I am Mom in my uniform of jeans, t-shirt and a hoodie. In these pictures.....well, I'll post them and you'll see ( especially if you know me in real life).

 I truly feel every woman should do this at least once ( and if you're in Edmonton, I highly recommend this company of women). I'll carry the good feelings from this photo shoot for a long time. Thanks girls!

I had my Picture Day on Sunday (the 17th), then this past Wednesday joined a weightloss challenge  here in my little town.I was only at the meeting for a short time ( hubby had an appointment he had to keep), but on short acquaintance, the women participating seem like a good bunch. I didn't know a soul ( 2 years living here has not led to a lot of social outings), but everyone was very friendly. I guess it was because we were all there for the same thing: to lose some weight , and win a little cash!   Weigh in is tomorrow, so, we'll see how the first week went.

This little competition is just the push I am needing. If you're a follower, you know that I have been working on this whole "Healthy Lifestyle" thing for awhile. In the past couple of months, the fitness part of things has been pretty good, but the diet.....meh.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

....In a Nutshell

It's been a bit since I last posted. So much to catch up on, hate to bore you all.
Here it is in a nutshell:
~#2 has been having a much better time at school. Mrs. Gr.4 has been wonderful! PB has left #2 alone, for the most part. This past Monday, PB had another go at him. Before #2 even had a chance to say anything, another kid from his class told PB to leave him (#2) alone. I'd call that progress.
~ I went into the city this weekend and had photos done again, courtesy of Edmonton Boudoir Photography . It was my second time, and the experience was wonderful. The first time was back in April, 2009 (  I was very nervous then). I hate being in front of the camera as a general rule, but, somehow, this is so different. I can't wait to see them....maybe I'll even post a couple here on the ol' blog.
~I spent a few days in the city ( figured I'd make the most of it). There is never enough time while I'm there to see everyone I want to see, and do all the things I miss. This visit I stayed with my friend L and her 2 girls. L and I went and saw "Salt" , the Angelina Jolie spy movie. As a general rule, I really don't like her....but, the movie was a pretty decent action flick. Leiv Schreiber is also in it, and I love to watch him.  ;)
~Monday I met up with a friend who has known me longer than anyone I'm not related fabulous friend K. We reconnected a little over a year ago via Facebook, and I'm so thankful for that. She brought the new addition, baby girl K ( same initial, different name), and we wandered around Ikea and had a bite of lunch.

The only dark spot in the entire weekend was the first day I was there. I stopped in at the Starbuck's closest to L's place, for a caramel macchiato of course. I'm walking toward the store across the parking lot when....I'm frantically trying to keep my balance and not fall on my face! I had managed to find a dip in the asphalt, and had stepped into it, rolling my left ankle. In the time it took for me to take 3 stumbling, fumbling, ungainly steps these thoughts flashed through my mind: "I can't get road rash! I have photos tomorrow! I can't fall, I'll break my wrist, maybe both of them! How will I drive home on Monday? OMG! I must look absolutely ridiculous!". By some miracle, I stayed upright, barely.
So, there I am standing in the parking lot, doing an internal check. Heart is racing, hand are shaking...oh good, held on to my travel mug ( I love that mug)....oh  no, oh crap. My left calf, the very same one I have injured a couple of time in my C25K journey, is on fire! (  By the next morning, the back of that knee, and thigh were also giving my grief). So back to limping and squeaking when I have to crouch down. :( Oh, I nearly forgot! To top it all off, I look up, and there is a police officer in his cruiser, having a laugh at my expense. Could have been worse, I know.
Happy Wednesday folks!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bring in Your Bullies

Bullying. Is there anything more hurtful to a child? Many of us have been through it at school, at work, and sadly,even in family settings.
Last year, son #2 had a tough year. Between his teacher, Mrs. Grade Three , and one Particular boy, he never wanted to go back to school again. This year, his teacher, Mrs. Grade Four, is a wonderful woman, she sees #2 for the kid he is, and accepts him. Unfortunately, Particular Boy ( as he will be known from this point on), is in his class again.
It started out well enough. they played at recess, #2 was happy. Then, after the honeymoon period, it began to fall apart. #2 started to withdraw, and that familiar shoulder-slump returned. Yesterday, after asking him a number of times what was wrong...we quietly says " PB ( Particular Boy) says no one cares about me. No one likes me. he keeps saying it." Broke my heart. "He says I'm No Friends, over and over". Heart breaks a little more. Son #2 is a sensitive kid,he takes things to heart.

We have told all our kids they don't have to let anyone make them feel bad. If someone hurts them physically, they have the right to protect themselves. If someone hurts them with words, they can and should  tell whoever it is to LEAVE THEM ALONE. ( Yesterday Son #2 told PB "You're a bully!" I was a proud Mama)

I sent a message to Mrs Grade Four right away. I was assured she'd look into it. To my surprise ( and delight), SHE DID! She spoken to both of them, PB has been put on notice, Son #2 has been told to tell her if anything else happens. She also told them both to stay away from each other on the playground, and she will re-visit the issue next week.

After last year with Mrs Grade Three poo-pooing our bullying concerns ( since she is a bully herself, I guess we couldn't have hoped for more), and the Principal giving a half-assed effort to take  care of things, this is a positive thing. I'm not sure it will be the end of things, but at least the beginning looks promising.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What the Heck?

Oh Wednesday. That day in the middle of the week that's a little better than Monday, but not quite close enough to Friday.

Today was Littlest's PT assessment....let me just say that I didn't think she needed it, but, we're playing their little reindeer games so we can get her Speech Therapy going again.

Anyway, on with the appointment....she did NOT want to play today. It all started when the PT asked her to 'Stand on one foot and balance." Littlest's shoulders slumped, and her face said it all "This again?"

I am sure the PT and the OT are well meaning women who firmly believe in what they are doing, but I think they are a tad misguided in this case.

My daughter is 6 years old. I do not expect her to have neatly printed, well formed letters. I would never expect her to catch a tennis ball in one hand when it is thrown at her....why would I? 99% of the time I can't.

We did learn today that she has a wicked arm, and decent aim....when the PT asked Littlest to throw the ball at her, and throw it she did. Over-hand even.  I may have chuckled inappropriately ( but quietly).

Next week,the first Speech session. Should be interesting. ;)

Monday, October 4, 2010

It's Monday

~I Love Train, but I am tired of hearing "Soul Sister" every commercial break.

~ My children ( I love my children, I love my children) are finding new ways to drive me nuts. Playing that sounds like whining/fighting is the best. ( No it isn't)

~I don't think a cheese turkey-burger would taste just as good as a real cheeseburger.

~ Walking home after school is getting very frustrating. No matter how far I move over on the sidewalk with my kids, the tide of teens we walk home against, I always get elbowed. They're bigger than me and mine. One of us is going to end up on the ground.

...............One day I might throw an elbow back.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Plan of Action...well, planning for the plan

Action my not be the right word, but "Plan of Attack" sounded a little extreme.

So, Photography.......still want to do it......still need a decent camera......still haven't come up with a way to get it, or take the course in question. I guess, on looking at it again, maybe jumping in with both feet isn't the best way to go. If I were honest I still WANT to jump in, but the responsible part of my life is making that next to impossible.

The next best thing to taking an actual course, is to read up on the subject myself. For now, I'm on a waiting list for these books at my (little) local library. If they feel like the right thing for me, maybe I'll even buy them. (I hate the name "...For Dummies" but the books are very informative).
There have been so many things I have wanted to do in my life, but, being a mom to my Screaming Meemies, and a wife to my husband, well, that's taken a lot of my time ( and it was how I wanted to do it).

Now that everyone is a little older, and out of diapers ( they really take up a lot of time), I'd like to expand my horizons.