Wednesday, October 20, 2010

....In a Nutshell

It's been a bit since I last posted. So much to catch up on, hate to bore you all.
Here it is in a nutshell:
~#2 has been having a much better time at school. Mrs. Gr.4 has been wonderful! PB has left #2 alone, for the most part. This past Monday, PB had another go at him. Before #2 even had a chance to say anything, another kid from his class told PB to leave him (#2) alone. I'd call that progress.
~ I went into the city this weekend and had photos done again, courtesy of Edmonton Boudoir Photography . It was my second time, and the experience was wonderful. The first time was back in April, 2009 (  I was very nervous then). I hate being in front of the camera as a general rule, but, somehow, this is so different. I can't wait to see them....maybe I'll even post a couple here on the ol' blog.
~I spent a few days in the city ( figured I'd make the most of it). There is never enough time while I'm there to see everyone I want to see, and do all the things I miss. This visit I stayed with my friend L and her 2 girls. L and I went and saw "Salt" , the Angelina Jolie spy movie. As a general rule, I really don't like her....but, the movie was a pretty decent action flick. Leiv Schreiber is also in it, and I love to watch him.  ;)
~Monday I met up with a friend who has known me longer than anyone I'm not related fabulous friend K. We reconnected a little over a year ago via Facebook, and I'm so thankful for that. She brought the new addition, baby girl K ( same initial, different name), and we wandered around Ikea and had a bite of lunch.

The only dark spot in the entire weekend was the first day I was there. I stopped in at the Starbuck's closest to L's place, for a caramel macchiato of course. I'm walking toward the store across the parking lot when....I'm frantically trying to keep my balance and not fall on my face! I had managed to find a dip in the asphalt, and had stepped into it, rolling my left ankle. In the time it took for me to take 3 stumbling, fumbling, ungainly steps these thoughts flashed through my mind: "I can't get road rash! I have photos tomorrow! I can't fall, I'll break my wrist, maybe both of them! How will I drive home on Monday? OMG! I must look absolutely ridiculous!". By some miracle, I stayed upright, barely.
So, there I am standing in the parking lot, doing an internal check. Heart is racing, hand are shaking...oh good, held on to my travel mug ( I love that mug)....oh  no, oh crap. My left calf, the very same one I have injured a couple of time in my C25K journey, is on fire! (  By the next morning, the back of that knee, and thigh were also giving my grief). So back to limping and squeaking when I have to crouch down. :( Oh, I nearly forgot! To top it all off, I look up, and there is a police officer in his cruiser, having a laugh at my expense. Could have been worse, I know.
Happy Wednesday folks!

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