Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boo! It's Time for Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween. Around here, that means it's time for carving pumpkins. roasting the seeds, and hoping the costumes the kids picked fit, hold together, and are still something they want to wear.
I don't do the decorating thing. Maybe a few spider webs, or caution tape. In years past I did the little pumpkin and ghost bags in the tree. Not now though....maybe I'm becoming a Halloween Grinch....or, maybe it's just that the kids are older.
#1 Son wasn't even going to go Trick or Treating. He's 12, and I know he would have been bummed when #2, #3, and Littlest came home with bags 'o candy ( and I am certain they would not share willingly). So, Ogre Mom that I am, I am making him go. Next year, he can be in charge of taking his siblings out and about. ;)

It's looking like the temp will be above zero tomorrow in the early evening, so added bonus, no snow suits under the costumes! Oh, to live in a place where this is not something to be considered.

Happy Halloween all.

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