Sunday, November 24, 2013


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True Cliches

Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Clothes, New Skills

The switch has been officially made. I am now (in training) to be a Customer Service Rep at a local bank, and no longer a daycare cook.

I got to sleep until 6:45 every morning, instead of leaving for work at that time. I wore what I like to call "Grown-up" clothes, and my boots....oh,my gorgeous knee-high black leather boots. I got an hour long lunch-break every day, long enough to come home, eat, relax, and get back to it.

The kids are adjusting to my new schedule, and seem to like it. I've planned ahead, had the supper stuff prepped for us. Everyone's helping.

I also began my online and on-the-job training. I have SO MUCH TO LEARN.  The first 3 days I was good. Did my e-classes, spent some time with my new co-workers out on the floor. Then, yesterday, I started with my online learning modules. That was when I started to doubt myself....right around the time I hit the power-bar under the desk with my heel and shut-down the computer mid-video clip.

"What am I thinking? I am not smart enough for this."
"They have made a big mistake hiring me."

Luckily for me, my wonderful husband talked me down when I came home. And our Littlest told me it was OK, I could just study more. ( Such a positive  kid).

So, on Monday, I will put on some grown-up clothes, go to work, and finish my modules. This is completely new territory, I have to give myself the time I need to learn these new skills. I guess there's a reason the training period is 6 weeks!

***Just a note: if you happen to follow my blog, I am planning on shutting this blog down, and posting solely from my other one, Runbarefootmama. There's a lot of overlap, seems silly to have 2***