Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Schedule..... meh.

I always look forward to summer vacation......lazy days, sleeping in, no place to rush off to with the kiddos.....and then, a month in ( like, right about now)....I feel like my nerves are frazzled and the kiddos are running all over the frayed ends.

Not like we haven't been busy, because, we sure have been. Trips back and forth to the Grandparents' place .......activities there with friends.....come home, trips to the lake, bike rides, housework.......but, no set schedule.
I have dreams of being an organized person...they sit alongside my fantasies of having a home ready for company any time, kids who listen & do as they are told with a smile, a dog that doesn't turn into a frenzied barking gremlin when the doorbell rings, and that my laundry is all washed, folded and put away.

No matter what though.....I am still loving the fact that I DON'T HAVE TO MAKE LUNCHES FOR SCHOOL!  I swear, if I was a better organized person and could home school.....the no lunches thing would be a real perk!

How  do you keep the ends tied tight in the summer?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Divorce....what an Ugly Thing

No marriage/relationship is perfect. Generally, if there is a separation or divorce, both parties had their part in getting to that point. ( Yes, there are always exceptions, I realize that, but, bear with me).

We're a military family, and it seems like more of us get divorced than anyone I know....most likely because that's the world I live in.
It generally seems to go one of 2 ways:
1.The woman ruins the guy financially.
2.The guy withholds support money from the wife and kiddos.

Big generalizations, I know, but I don't want to single out anyone I know personally.

If a person claims to want to move on, end the relationship, start a new chapter in his/her life, then why the hell do they drag things out? Both sides should be mature about the thing. ( Yeah right, I hear you all say).

If the marriage is something a person can't live in, then, by all means, GET OUT! Why prolong the misery with petty legal wrangling? Be responsible for your own s*it, and quit nickle and diming each other to death.

Do you have kids? Pay fair support for them. Get a 2nd job if you have to.Why would you want your kiddo to go without?
Got debt? Do what's fair and right, pay what you can, don't stick your Ex with something that will cripple them for life while you get nothing to deal with.
Hate each other? Fair enough. You probably wouldn't be divorcing if you were madly in love.

I just hate to see people destroy each other, and, maybe as someone not getting divorced, I should keep my mouth shut. That being said.....
.....watching the implosion ( or explosion) of a marriage is horrible to see, whether it's friends or family. People I have spent time with, as my friends, or with our families...to then see you rip each other to shreds....if I feel this bad for you, I can only imagine how it must feel for you. Off the top of my head, I know 3 couples in the midst of icky divorces right now. I'd like to lock them all in a room for a big group time-out until they all behave like the adults they claim to be.

"Nothing Tastes as good as Thin Feels"......Really?

I hear this and see this a lot, and it drives me NUTS! I don't find it encouraging in any way.....n fact, I find it insulting.  ( Sorry to anyone I know that likes this saying, just my opinion).

I haven't been "thin" for years.....I honestly do not remember a time when I wasn't struggling with my size.    No matter what size I was in the past, I always felt bigger than the folks in my social circle. So, for me, that ( for lack of a better word) mantra is ridiculous. 

For me, eating has often been about IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION. I get to enjoy the taste of whatever it is I am eating RIGHT NOW. I don't have to wait a year for that slurpee to taste delicious, or for those hot, crispy fries to fill my belly. Chocolate NEVER tells me to wait until later......   
How does thin feel? Will "thin" ever be something I can relate to? 

Honestly, "thin" isn't my main goal.  

?????? Say What ??????  

That's right. To me, thin evokes an image of a small, delicate things....easily snapped, broken under pressure. Ever seen one of those wooden coffee stir sticks at Starbuck's? That, my friends, is THIN, and I can break it without thought.  

This whole "Nothing tastes as god as thin feels" thing is closely related to the "Food as Fuel" school of thought. Yes, it's true, food does FUEL our bodies....but, if it were merely that, we'd all be living on nutrient wafers and food pellets, washed down with flat, boiled water. 

Can we all say YUCK?!?!? 

What we need....well, what I needed, was to CHANGE my ideas about what is GOOD when it comes to food. My tastebuds needed an EDUCATION.  
White bread used to taste like heaven.....now it tastes like cardboard, without the fibre. 

~~~One cookie is a delicious treat , 5 is an upset stomach. 

~~~ Freggies are delicious, not just good for me.   

~~~Perfect eating is whatever makes me feel the best on the inside, and look fantastic on the outside.  
~~~My "diet" is forever, so I need to be able to live with it. 

~~~Food is fuel....and pleasure.....but too much of either makes it all a CHORE! 

I'm going to be: 
**** svelte ( love the sound of that word) 
**** Strong 
**** Centered 

I've been using the"17 Day Diet" . It's normal food, and has totally shifted my perspective on food. I feel better, and, I am seeing results! 
( As are some other family members who are looking FANFRICKINTASTIC!)