Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Education Madness

So, Behn comes home today a little teary. Asher pipes up from the kitchen " Mrs. Gr.3  grabbed Behn's cheeks today!" Ummmm, what?

So, I sit Behn down and ask him what happened. He said that during math he was having trouble....(that means he was probably staring into space or doodling.) He said she came over, grabbed his cheeks and moved his head from side to side. Then she grabbed his hands and slammed them on his desk ( his words). At this point in his story, he burst into tears, and I am LIVID!

I called the school, and lucky day! She was still there. I told her I wanted to discuss an incident from Behn's day at school. She says "Oh really? What might that be?" SERIOUSLY? Like he wasn't going to tell me! I repeated what Behn had told me. Her response: " That wasn't how I perceived what I did." Her perception of the situation was not my chief concern at that point, still isn't.

This year has been a real struggle for him, and a lot of it has to to do with the personality clash between Behn and Mrs. Gr. 3 . I have had meetings with her, asker for her to send work home so I can work with him. At our last meeting ( about a month ago) she agreed to write me a note every day in his agenda to tell me how he's doing, what his progress ( or lack thereof) has been. A few times she has written what his homework was...that's it. 

Like I said in my other post " Education Frustration" about Asher, why are these teachers so resistant to helping me help my kids? I am present, I have spoken, and while they may hear us, no one seems to be listening.

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  1. take it to the higher ups. That's what I had to do with the woman who wouldn't let my 6 year old go to the bathroom until she wet herself -- then called to say "Iman had a little accident"...little -- her SHIRT was wet.

    Go to the principle, go to the elected official in town...press on about it. Write a letter to the paper...just GET IT IN THE OPEN. If she's done it with one, she's likely to do it with another!