Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day # 10....... Shred etc....

What a day I have had! Mondays and Thursdays are busy days for me. Well, most days are pretty busy, but on these 2 particular days, I clean for someone here in town. Thursdays Sihdney comes with me, since she has no school. She gets to sit on the couch and watch cartoons on a very, very big TV. 
Anyway, we went in this morning as we usually do, heard the dogs barking in their room, and we went into the kitchen. I was taking my coat off and turned...and there were two of the biggest dogs I have ever seen up close! One of them is a Mastiff/lab cross, maybe the "smaller" one is too, I'm not sure. Here's where years of watching  "The Dog Whisperer" came in handy. I said" Let's go!", turned and walked down the stairs. They followed me!  ( I don't even know their names to call them!) I pointed in their room and miniature horse sized dog went in willingly....the pony sized guy wasn't so quick to follow. I'm thinking he figured he was free to roam fair and square, who was I to tell him where to go? I pulled my shoulders back, pointed and snapped my fingers, and to my surprise, he went in too! I closed the door, pulled on it to be sure it had latched, and let out the breath I hadn't realized I was holding. By the time I got upstairs to Sihdney, my heart was racing just a tiny bit. Sihdney's response to the entire thing? "Those are big dogs Mommy!"  

The rest of the day wasn't nearly as exciting. Did my usual errands, came home tired and wanting a nap. I put it out on Facebook  "....nap or workout?", got one vote for each. I decided to workout. Day #9 of Shred, still on level one. I hated it today. Not because it hurt anymore than usual, or I found it any harder. I just did not want to do it. I finished it, but there wasn't any real sense of accomplishment. I think I'm bored. 

My plan is to do Level 1 again tomorrow, that'll make it 10 days all together. This weekend I'll do her Yoga Meltdown to switch it up. Then, on Monday, Level 2 of the Shred. I've heard the horror stories, how you feel like puking before you finish it. I haven't even looked ahead to forewarn myself. I'm afraid I might chicken out if I know exactly what's ahead for me.

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  1. Do NOT look ahead!! Don't. Just put it in, turn it on and go. Knowing what's coming only freaks you out!

    And the dog thing -- Yikes!! I'd have had to clean up a mess off the floor that wouldn't have come from any dog!