Monday, March 1, 2010

Just like me....

It figures....I start a blog, then let it sit idle for a few days. Too lazy, too tired, too...whatever to post a new entry. It's Monday, and plenty has happened over the weekend. Yet, right now, at this moment, all I can think of is how sleepy I feel at the moment, and how nice a nap would be.

A friend of mine, a wonderful, inspirational woman who blogs here as well ( has certainly been putting me to shame. She's taken on some big challenges in the last couple of weeks, and I'm feeling the spirit move in me. Well, right now the spirit is gooey black guilt, but I can see a smidgen of light around the edges.

I will be turning 34 this month. Not that old, but a little scary for me. It's not about the number, it's that I have done very little to improve myself since I turned 30. I have made a broken a thousand promises to myself...lose weight, exercise, be more patient, laugh more, smile more.

So, no big promises this birthday, just a quietly whispers resolution to do my best, and be happier with what I've been blessed with.

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