Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day #20...... " Day of the Bean!"

It's a fairly relaxing Sunday around here. Generally Sundays are, not much to do around this small town of ours. The sun is nearly out and it's just past 2pm. The snow is gone, but everything is still waiting to wake up. I guess the trees and the grass don't quite believe we've seen the end of the snow either.

I was up with my alarm at 8am this morning ( pretty darn early for the weekend). I dug my workout clothes out of my dresser ( and there were some there! I am getting caught up on my laundry). Out to the living room I went, rolled out my yoga mat and flipped the switch for the ceiling fan.

 So, Yoga Meltdown. I dare say I may be getting a little more flexible...a wee, tiny bit. Not sure I've gotten any more graceful, I only fell over a couple of times.
I've heard that the key to being smooth and steady with yoga is to feel calm and peaceful.Tough to do with the dogs whining quietly at me. Not sure if they were worried, or wanted to get close enough to lick the sweat off my face. I choose to believe they were worried.

Back to Shred tomorrow. Level 2, day #6.

Since then, I've whittled Mt. Washmore down to Washmore Hill, made a batch of chili for supper ( still simmering in the slow cooker), and I am attempting a new recipe...Black Bean Brownies. I am having some trouble with them, as the prescribed cooking time has left them soggy  in the centre yet. We'll see how they fair after another 10 minutes. 

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