Friday, March 12, 2010

Day #4....oops

My love/hate relationship with Jillian is late in coming, but it's full blown today. Day #4 of her "30 Day Shred", and I am hurting. Not as bad as day #1, thankfully.
I really didn't want to do it today. I slept in, so it was too late for me to do it before I needed to get the kids ready for school. Once they had left though, I got up, put my runners and bras on ( and the knee supports of course), and turned on the DVD player.( No need to shove Jillian in today, she was still there from yesterday).
For the first part of the workout, I felt good, really good. I made it through the push ups ( still lady style) Then I hit the last round of cardio. Oh, I wanted to quit, as I kicked my butt and panted curses with each breath.
The worst were the abs at the end...I'm not proud, I had to put my legs down for half of it...
I think tomorrow I'll crack open her Hot Yoga DVD I just received...maybe I'll make it through that one. :)

1 comment:

  1. I like the hot yoga.

    Also, when I go back and read my blog, day 4 was my turning point. I blogged about how sore I was and stuff -- then I took a bath (with epsom salts)...then...I was GOOD.

    Try the bath.

    My new thing is going to be Shred for 3 days, Yoga for 1.