Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I decided ( yet again) to start working out. In the past, my goal was to get skinny, look better, blah blah blah. This time I have a different attitude. I am exercising and eating better to feel better and be healthier. If I lose weihgt a look better too, that's a bonus. A little icing on the cake...the one I won't be eating...or if I do, just a wee smidgen. ;)

I got up this morning, fed the kids breakfast, made lunches, and sent the boys off to school ( Sihdney doesn't go today). I put the wraps on my feet to ease the pain of the plantar fasciitis, put my knee supports on to stop them from snapping out of place, and popped Jillian Michaels " The 30 Day Shred" into the DVD player.

20 minutes, a quick workout. As promised, it was a butt kick....at one point in the dvd she asks you to literally kick yourself in the butt. I'm not sure if this is a valid exercise, or just punishment for being so sadly out of shape to begin with.

I did much better than I thought I would, but I'm sure I'll pay for it tomorrow. To my friend and fellow blogging Mom "Delusional Mom", thanks for inspiring me to get up and moving....though I may curse you, just a little, when I'm hurting later. :o)


  1. It's all good -- I haven't done my Shred now in 3 days -- Did the Yoga Meltdown instead. I slept in today (hang my head in shame)...so I will do my Shred tonight -- but I think I'm going to move back down to level 1...level 2 is just too much for me right now!

  2. I have that "Yoga Meltdown" coming, I pre-ordered it from Amazon. I'm curious to see how it is.