Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day #8....

Good morning! It's looking like another Spring-like day here today. It's mucky and mushy yet, but the beginning of the end of winter. I love it.

I did my 8th day of exercise today, my 7th day of the "30 Day Shred" . I find that I am generally keeping up with Natalie ( AKA "The Amazon" as I like to think of her), and while I was breathing hard today, there was a little less gasping at the end. I used my head today too, and took my glasses off before beginning. Usually I don't remember to take them off until they're sliding down my nose, all fogged up! I'm sure I'm quite a sight, sweating and bouncing around in my living room....I know the dogs try to lick me every time I do floor work. Booth has been in serious danger of getting a foot in the head during the butt-kicks!

It was weigh in day for me today. DOWN 4.1LBS!!!!!!!  Too bad I didn't start doing this a year ago!  ;)

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