Friday, March 19, 2010

Day #11...again with the Shred

Today was day #10 with Jillian and her Shred, Level 1. I mostly kept pace with the Amazon. In fact, I pushed it a little too far. Maybe it was over confidence, or it could have been giving it my all for my last time on Level 1. I'm not sure. I do know that my shoulder and my knees have been screaming at me since about 5 minutes into my workout this morning.
My biggest challenge today ( other than initially getting myself up to work out) were the dogs. Every time I have floor work, they are on me! Sniffing, trying to lick. Booth curled up next to me while I was doing crunches! Seriously dog, does it look like I'm ready to cuddle? You might be wondering why I don't put them outside. Well, Dexter the miniature guard dog will bark at every breeze, shadow and perceived threat with such persistence that I can't stand to listen to him. The next suggestion could be putting them in their crate. Also a good idea, except Booth will keen and whine so much that I can't concentrate on the exercises.
Every challenge is just a goal to be achieved....not sure what I can achieve with these mutts of mine, but the exercise will pay off in the end.

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