Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day #22...Shred day #21

 Oh, my aching everything! It's nearly bedtime, so I figured I'd better  do a little writing before I crash for the night....and get up in less than 8 hours to Shred again.

Today was Day #7 of Level 2...oh Jillian, how I love to hate you, then love you again when I'm done. I found the workout very hard today. It might have been because the Amazon and I were doing a lot of the same exercises. I'm not saying she and I are perfectly in sync, but I kept up with her more than I didn't. I don't know if  I will be ready to move up to Level 3 on Monday. I know, the words sounds familiar. They may be the very same words I used when I was closing in on the end of Level 1. I'd have to go back and check, but I probably won't. 

It was also "weigh-in" day for me. I am seriously considering dumping this practice.  I've been working at this, and I'm tired of being let down by the numbers on that scale every week. Time for my weekly reminder: This is a journey, there's nothing fast about it. I'm working at having a healthier "lifestyle" ( I REALLY hate that term). This is more about being and feeling better, and less about looking better...but it's a nice side affect. ;)

I also went to Junior High Orientation with Jacob tonight....the Junior high kids are in the same school and the Senior High kids here, though I feel better now seeing just how divided the space in the school is. So much information tonight about so many things. Poor kids just sat there looking stunned. Deer in the headlights doesn't begin to cover it! I tried to reassure him they didn't expect us to remember everything, but I'm not sure he believed me. My biggest concern is that my son is old enough to be in Junior High! What the heck???

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  1. Did you do measurements? When I was doing the biggest loser group we also did measurements and after 4 weeks I was only down 4lbs but had lost 12 inches....the inches are more accurate in my opinion...