Monday, March 29, 2010

Day #21......Bad Habits, Good Habits....Old Habits, New Habits

Monday morning....Shred day #20.....Level 2 Day # 6.... |Word on the street is it takes 21 days to make something a habit. Is exercising a habit yet? I have a sneaking suspicion it might be. When I had a rest day on Saturday, it felt a little odd. When my alarm went off at 5:55 am this morning, I surely did not want to get out of bed, but I did. I'll re-evaluate this new habit of mine in a week, and see where I stand.

So, the Shred today was....satisfying. It was not easy, in fact, I upped the ante and did half the workout with the Amazon. For the final ab/plank circuit, I only went down on my knees for a 3 count ONCE! That is what I call progress folks.I'm waiting for all this hard work to reflect on the scale, but for now I am happy with the wee bit of definition I see in my arms...and my slightly perkier butt.  ;)

Also on the agenda today was swimming with Sihdney's kindergarten class. There is nothing like watching  a swarm of little kids splashing in the pool, seeing how many ways they can get each other wet without getting themselves wet. 

Sihdney took another step ( stroke) on her way to independence. She said over and over she didn't want to go in the big pool, that it was too scary. Then, out of the blue she says she wants to go. I didn't ask her again, I grabbed her hand and off we went to find her a lifejacket.

It was cold in that big pool, especially after lazing around in the lukewarm kiddie pool. At first, it was like every time we go. She clung to me like a monkey, digging her little toes into my upper thighs ( I have tiny toe shaped bruises).  Next thing I know, she saying " Mommy, I don't need you."  She wanted me to let her go! I was so excited. So, gently, I let go of her lifejacket, leaving her to bob around on her own. Now, don't go thinking she was all relaxed, laying back and floating. Oh no, I've never seen anyone so tense and rigid stay afloat. Still, she let go of me and did it on her own! I couldnn't have been prouder if she had swam a langht of the pool!

The final excitement of the day was our meeting with Mrs. Gr. 3 and the Principal. (Education Madness post)
It was a positive meeting. There were tears ( hers), and sincere apologies ( hers as well). She asked me where I wanted to go from here. I said " I just want you to do what you said you would in our meeting last month!" So, we're back to her communicating daily with me, but rather than writing in his agenda, Mrs. Gr. 3 and I exchanged email addresses. She has assured us that she will endeavour to be more patient with him, we have agreed to continue to work with him at home. 

The points I mentioned above were just the gist of the meeting. The details are too long to type out, and really, at this point, I just want Behn to move forward and feel good about going to school. Tomorrow is supposed to be like Day One for them. Hopefully it all goes well.

So folks, that was Monday...Tuesday will be a snoozefest after today. I look forward to it...... oh wait, tomorrow night is Orientation for Jacob at the highschool.............oh geez.

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