Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day #12.... Yoga Meltdown and Tender Moments

I woke up this morning to a sunny day, kids making a mess breakfast in the kitchen, and sore feet!  I love that the kids like to make their own food on the weekends, and it's always an adventure to see the debris left in their wake. One day I will miss those messes, so right now I just try to enjoy their little forays into independence.
I did Jillian's Yoga Meltdown this morning. I thought I might find it a little easier this morning than I did last week. This workout is a whole different animal than "The 30 Day Shred". It's hard on the body, but stretches you out, and I like that. One day I'd love to go to a real yoga class, but this will work for now.My biggest problem challenge with it is I am always supporting myself on my hands. My wrists are killing me! I do feel looser and relaxed though. I'll do it again tomorrow. I'm not sure if I'm I'm ever going to love exercise, but so far my commitment is sticking.

On another note, not exercise related, I am right now witnessing a bonding moment between my daughter and my husband. It may be the blind leading the blind, but it's so sweet.

Sihdney received a jewellery making kit/machine for her birthday back in January. She hasn't wanted to use it until this past week. She thought maybe Daddy would be good at it, because he can build things. 
Daddy to Sihdney: " How does this thing work?"
Sihdney to Daddy: " I don't know!"

I report back on the finished product later today, hopefully there will be some photos. ;)

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