Sunday, March 7, 2010

There are I will miss, things I will not

I'm sure I have mentioned that we have 4 kids. They are the Screaming Meemies, whom I love with all my being, and who can make me weak and weepy with their antics.
They can really drive me crazy, all for different reasons, seldom at the same time. One looks at me like I'm speaking in tongues when he is asked a question. One is so dreamy, he sometimes forgets to come on back to our realm and join in. One lives his life on a roller coaster, where the lights are spinning and you never know what's around the corner. Our youngest, the only girl, is a Princess with a capital "P" and a quirky sense of humour.
I spent 4 hours in the van with them today, along with my husband and the 2 dogs. During this drive through the flat, sometimes hypnotic prairie, they took turns bugging each other, or tattling when it tickled their fancy. The age old question of " Are we there yet?" would be thrown out just to see if we might answer one more time.
I grew agitated, I scolded for minor squabbles and spilled snacks. At one point they were all quiet, so I took a peak at them in my rear view mirror( to see what they were up to). Nothing was happening. 2 were playing DS, one was asleep and one stared out the window. In that instant, I realized that soon they won't all want to come with us. Our oldest will want to stay home with his friends, the other will have lives of their own.
I won't vow to not get angry at them anymore, or become frustrated at their antics...but I will try to remind myself that one day in the not too distant future, I will miss it all.

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