Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Exercise: Day 2

Ouch. I did the "Shred" dvd again this morning, and it's a minor miracle that I am able to type wright now. When my alarm went off this morning, I didn't move any further than I had to, just hit the snooze. While I was laying there, I took stock. Head felt good, neck was a little sore...the rest of me was pretty stiff. I rolled out of bed, feet were throbbing and knees were screaming at me.
Hubby was an angel and drove the kids to school for me, and I got ready for battle. I skipped the foot wraps today, they didn't help yesterday during the workout, but put on the knee braces again. At this point, I still wasn't sure I was going to be able to get through the warm up, never mind all 20 minutes.
While the intro was rolling on the TV ( can't skip it), something occurred to me. I always give myself an "out" when I get on these fitness kicks.Usually it's the pain in my knees ( which can be pretty bad), my sore feet, housework, kids, I'm tired....the list could go on, but I'll quit here. Not today. I did the jumping jacks, the butt kicks, the skipping. I stopped a couple of times to catch by breath, but no more than the 5 seconds that Jillian says you can have. It was hard, and I may have cursed at Jillian more than a few times, out loud ( Sihdney is at school today), but I DID IT! Maybe not a huge deal for real fitness folks, but it was pretty big for me. :o)


  1. It IS hard! Hey -- what can I do about the knee pain?? Will knee braces really help??

    By the way -- if you stop the video at the end of the warm up (I mean STOP it, don't let it run to her finishing what she's saying) you can just start it from there next time...when I then just go to the Menu and choose which level I'll do. I also learned that I can hit "next" and I can just go straight to the workout and not have to listen to her talking about who to follow and such.

    Good Job, Erin!!

  2. Good Job Erin! Jeff has plantar fascitis and he wound up with these boots that he had to wear only at night in bed. After about 3 months he no longer had pain...its been a couple of years! Has your Dr mentioned anything about the foot braces?

  3. Thought about it, then decided not to Amy. I can't even get through the night wearing the wrist braces I'm supposed to wear. I'm just icing and using the foot wraps around the house.
    Heather, for the knee pain...the supports I have just help keep my kneecaps running the right direction. Mine always hurt, so see what your doc says.
    Thanks for the encouragement! It does help. :)