Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekend......dirty floors and pecking chickens.....

Considering each day felt longer than the last this week, the week itself flew by. WTH? Time is so relative..... 
Last weekend I had a big "To Do" list....I must confess, I didn't get it all done. I don't feel bad about it. Why should I? The chores will always be there, but, how much longer will my kids want to cuddle with me, or have me read them a book?
My Mom, years ago, gave me a little plaque that says " Good Mothers have sticky floors, filthy ovens, and Happy Kids...." I tend to live by that. Not that my floors are coated with mystery substances or anything like that...but if the laundry stays in the basket a little longer than I like, I'm just fine with that. 
My sister gave me a plaque about motherhood too....."Raising children is like being pecked to death by a chicken"......................
.....that one is just as true!!!! 
Sorry, tangent, getting back on track..............  
Where was I...weekend.....yes, the List. 

~get through the kids' dressers THIS weekend.....I think they grew again this week, so, it's probably good that I didn't get to it before.  
~more baking and cooking....the growing children ( especially the 12 year old man-child and my 8 year old) ate pretty much everything. 
~more laundry......Mt. Washmore is as enduring as the Rockies 
~play. Yup, it's on the list. I see a Just Dance/Wii Sports resort challenge in my future. 
~ clean the bathrooms...OMG, I hate cleaning bathrooms.....3 boys + a husband.....I wish none of them had ever learned to pee standing up!  

Saturday is my BL Challenge required rest day, so no workout tomorrow. 

Our BL challenges this week are: 
30 Jumping jacks 
5- 1 minute wall sits 
10 minutes of weights 
30 minutes of cardio 

We also have to try a new freggie, or try one that we didn't like as a the running are avacado, eggplant, or artichoke? We live in a pretty small prairie town, so exotic choices are limited. 
Suggestions are welcome! 

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