Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Belated Birthday Post....Cake Pop Pictures

I have been meaning to post about my great Cake Pop adventure back in January. So, here it is! ( Bet you've been holding your breathe....)
A Facebook friend had posted a photo of some adorable reindeer creations she had made at Christmas, and I was smitten. I have birthdays for 2 of my kids in January, and I had been trying to think of something special to do for them.....cake pops were the answer! I followed a link to this blog ---->Bakerella....and was amazed by what I found...so amazed that I ordered her book that night. I love it, and I wish I had half the talent that she does ( I highly recommend buying the book).

First was Littlest's birthday, then son #2. You can tell who's cake pops were who's by the colours.
It was labour intensive. I have never worked with candy melts before, my cake took longer to dry out than I had thought it would. In the end though, it was worth it. They were delicious, and the kids were well impressed. :)

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