Monday, January 24, 2011

January Here

January is a nutty month around here. Not only are we dealing with the post-holiday let down, we also have 2 of our kid's birthdays this month.
The Princess ( our baby) turned 7 a mere 10 days ago.......7, not a little one anymore, but, now a big girl.
Son #2 turns 10 today...a decade.....seriously? How can it be that time has flown? I vividly remember my 10th birthday, that I felt so old because I'd been on the Earth for a whole decade.
(I'm really trying not to think about the fact the the oldest son turns 13 this summer, and that son #3 will be 9 then too.)

The song "Your Gonna Miss This" my Trace Adkins makes me choke-up every time I hear it on the radio, because it's true....(don't tell my parents).

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