Friday, January 21, 2011

Working Out at Home

Reasons I like working out at home: 

~I can turn up the music or DVD as loud as I can. 
~ I can wear WHATEVER I want. For example, today was a tank top, sports bra, boy shorts and an outrageous Lululemon hair wrap in blindingly bright pink! 
 I looked like a hot mess, but, felt like a superstar! 
~Cursing....lots of cursing. I heard that there was a study, that swearing makes you feel better when you hurt yourself. It's true folks. I was swearing a blue streak at Bob and the hardbodies today, and it made me feel MUCH better. 

Today was Bob strength DVD from his "Inside Out Method" series. Serious burn. I love that the big muscle guy (Francisco) struggles A LOT in the workout. The one woman I really like ( whose name escapes me now) is my hero. She has 4 kids (like me), but is rockin' the hottest bod EVER! 

Like many people, I did not feel like working out today. I have a dental appointment that I wish I could sleep through ( serious dental phobic over here). I have to clean the house for weekend company and my Son #2 has his bday party tomorrow, and I have to finish putting his cake ball creation many excuses. 

But....yup, there's a but.................... 

I did the one hour workout....grunting...sweat dripping off my nose.....and a big ol' grin on my face during the stretches at the end. 

***I will have sexy arms for the summer. 
***I will wear shorts for the first time in many summers. 
***I will hit my 35th bday looking and feeling better than I have since....well, since before I was 30. 

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