Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lesson Gleaned from a Cleaning a House

~Patience.....no matter how much you rush, it takes a certain amount of time to finish the jobs that need to be done.
~Planning.....I can waste less time and energy if I do the jobs in order of efficiency. ie: spray the bathtubs and sinks down with cleaner, then go dust. When you get back, everything wipes clean. ;) Now if I could just do that with my pile of laundry!( Spray the work away I mean)
~Perseverance......if you can't get it clean with a cloth and cleaner, use a magic sponge. There is always an answer to the problem.
~Acceptance.....no matter how nice a house is, or how neat folks are.....cleaning a toilet is always an icky job....it just is.

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  1. The toilets are the *only* reason that I'm seriously considering hiring a cleaner.