Saturday, October 1, 2011

October 1st, new month, barely into Fall. 

Highlights since my last post:

*Kids are back to school. Oldest is doing great in gr.8. Not loving that the teachers give actual they sign it at the end of class! ( Wait until gr. 10 my son). Son #2 is liking school ( I nearly didn't write that, as I am scared to jinx things). He has a fantastic woman teaching him, sadly, only until February, when the regular teacher teacher returns from Maternity Leave. Oldest has had her before, so, fingers crossed for the best. Son #3 has his first male teacher. So far so good, and, as always, e is loving school. Littlest is struggling the teeniest bit. Her teacher has trouble understanding her with the whole Dyspraxia thingy. She is resuming Speech Therapy, and I hope all is well in a very short time for her....and that Mrs. Gr2 will try to be patient and make an effort to work with her, and not just wait for our Littlest to talk like a "normal girl".....Mrs. Gr2's words, not mine.

*My Running Buddy and I officially completed the "C25K" program a week ago. This is a HUGE accomplishment for both of us. To celebrate, we ran 5.2 KM last Saturday morning. My very sweet buddy presented me with a certificate in honour of the occassion. :) In hindsight, I should have got her flowers or something. She is the reason I kept ( and keep) running. It's too easy to quit when I'm only letting myself down. She pushed me to do better, and I thank her for it.

* Running Buddy and I ran our first official race on September 10th.It was a 4K trail, not just a race, not just 4K.....but, a trail run folks. I always thought the prairies we so flat.....I stand corrected.
It was an amazing experience. To be running with what I would consider "real" runners. Now, we have the bibs to prove we ARE real runners! (Me on your right, fabulous Running Buddy on the left)

We also wore our Vibram Five Fingers , and we were the only one out of 65 runners that did. 
Running Buddy and I are about to commence the "Gateway to 8K" training program now. Wish us luck!

*Hubby worked all summer, and got his leave after Summer Holidays were done. If he had to report to work with an essay on what he did on his leave, it would be: "I Crammed all my Honey-Do projects into a Couple Weeks"


*Last weekend, we went to our friend's home for a big family meal, and took advantage of the turning leaves and beautiful property. It was soooooooo hot, like, in the mid 30'sC, and so, so windy, as only a hot prairie wind can be. I'll leave you with one of my favourite shots. Happy Weekend!

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