Monday, July 19, 2010

The Wish List, my Awesome Husband, and the as Yet Untamed Ta Ta's!

It's Monday again ( funny how it keeps on coming around), and my Dad's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!  Summer vacation does a number on me, and usually I'm not sure what day it is until I check on the calendar. ;)

I wrote about my Wish List  in my last post. Well folks, I can cross one thing off the list. I now have a gorgeous purse that I love, and have been looking at for months. (This is where the Awesome Husband part of the title comes in). I was having a crummy day on Saturday. My husband came home and saw this ( I didn't try to keep it a secret), and it gave him pause. So, later that afternoon, he came home with a bag in hand. It was the purse I had mentioned I liked a couple of months ago ....he had written a note in his BB and went and got it for me. What a guy.... he really, really is.  14 years married, and he still surprises me.

I must remember the little things and not focus on the big picture so's just too big to worry about all the time!

Still hunting for a Ta Ta Tamer......I am thinking of starting the C25K in August.....the option of using  a large roll of tensor bandage  to, ummm, confine the girls is looking like a really good idea.    ;)

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