Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Watch the Tour de France....Yes, it's True

As a general rule, I don't enjoy watching sports. I like watching swimming and diving, but this is the 2nd summer that I have gotten hooked on the Tour de France (thanks Dad!). This year, I even changed my satellite package so I could have the channel that is showing the race!( No extra cost, other than the loss of really, no loss)  The men in the race amaze me....riding their bikes up incredibly steep mountain inclines, racing down the other side at break neck speeds. Not your average Sunday bike ride! I am cheering for our Canadian rider, aptly name Ryder Hesjedal! It would have been nice if he'd won, but for an ex-mountain bike racer, I think he's fantastic. Overall though, I'd like to see Schleck beat Contador.

I got up this morning and realized it's Thursday. Already? I'm sure there are many folks who are saying "Oh, I wish it were Friday" ( or in my hubby's case, I wish it were Saturday). I find that summer vacation is rushing by, and soon I'll be doing back-to-school shopping for my darling Screaming Meemies ( 3 of whom are suspiciously quiet right now....I should go check on them).

With the end of July on the near horizon, we also have Oldest's and Son #3's birthdays to prepare for. Any ideas what to buy a boy who is turning 12? When asked his response is " I don't really know Mom." Well my son, neither do I! It's a tough age. he's not a little kid anymore, so the usual Hot Wheels and other assorted toys and action figures aren't really his thing. Yet, he's not old enough for teen items ( whatever those might be for a boy!) Son #3 is sorted, just waiting on delivery of his gift. Fingers crossed it gets here on time.

On the Wish List front......the best Husband in the world ( that would be mine) ordered those Fiverfingers shoes I mentioned in yesterday's post. I can't wait to try them. They look a little nutty, but if they work, I could care less!

****The Faith Club****
I made it through Chapter 11....there's finally been a little evolution in the story. I was surprised to read that at this point in the book, IT'S BEEN 2 YEARS!  We're only half way through the book! I'll continue ready today.....

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  1. Erin, I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award for making me feel normal and keeping it real. Love ya!