Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"The Faith Club" and a little bit of Colour....

I'm reading a book called The Faith Club as part of an online bookclub initiated by one of my favourite Mommy Bloggers,  Delusional Mom. I was very excited to read this book, thinking it would be....more, than it is. I imagined it would be full of deep conversation and startling insights. Instead, I find it to be a little whiny. It's horrible to say, since these are real women I am talking about, but so far I don't really like them. Maybe it's better to say I don't like the way they have portrayed themselves. I'm nearly done Chapter 9, maybe things will turn around.

Now, for a little bit of colour.................

It's about my kids and their startling ability to TAN! It's been a pretty gloomy summer around these parts, so  up until a few  days ago, they had a touch of a Farmer's tan ( my apologies if Farmers take offense). Now, 3 days out in the yard, splashing around in the pool we've set up ( thanks Nanny and Poppa for buying it), they look like they've been on a fabulous tropical vacation. Yesterday the youngest 3 went to bed with a touch of sunburn across their shoulders and backs....then, like magic, they got out of bed today, and they are BROWN! Even Son #3 and Littlest, who are nearly as pasty as me. I'd better get some pictures before the grey skies return and their tans are only a  distant memory.....and I'm betting Nanny and Poppa would like some pool pics of the kiddos. :)

***workout watch***
I did  a 2 mile indoor workout today. I feel ridiculous doing it, but I do work up a sweat!

***wish list update***
Another addition for my dream to run a 5KM.... these are Five Fingers barefoot shoes. I am hoping to order them this week!

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