Monday, July 12, 2010

The Continuing Quest for the Ta Ta Tamer and Other Things I am wishing For!

So, a while back I posted about my desperate search   (Quest for the Ta Ta Tamer)   for a Lululemon  Ta Ta Tamer in my size. I am sad to report I have had no luck. However, I did have some unexpected help in this  area. Jenna, from the GEC Online Community from Lululemon commented on my blog! She checked around to see if she could find one for me in my size! I was over the moon, I really was. Unfortunately she had as much luck as I've had ( so none), but that's ok. The fact that someone I had never met made and effort on my behalf was amazing. Thanks Jenna!

I love Lululemon, because their clothes are...let's say supportive. It is frustrating though. I wear a sz 10 in their bottoms, but not one of their workout tops fit me ( the girl, the girls).    I wish their design department would make a few pieces for their bustier amount of working out will ever make me lithe and lean, my bones aren't built like that!

 So, the quest continues....especially now. A good friend has invited me to do the 5k Breast Cancer run/walk in Edmotnon in October. Surely gonna need a Ta Ta Tamer for that. ;)

Sp, while I am wishing for this apparently amazing wonder bra, it got me thinking of the other things I have been wishing for. I thought to myself, I should make a list, make it concrete, put it out on the Wild Wild Web!  ( Borrowed Dr. Phil-ism) That way I can keep track of the things I am working for!

My Wish List

A new camera ~  this is the dream camera, but well out of my reach. I'd be happy to get this one instead. I dream of taking beautiful pictures, funky photos, and having blogs full of colour and black and white shots of my life with my Darling Screaming Meemies.

To Run a 5K ~ As mentioned earlier in the blog, I have been invited to do so. Now the work to make this wish come begins ( back to the doubled-up bras!)

To have happy kids ~ As they get older, my wishes for their happiness become more fervent. My oldest begins Junior High in the Fall, my Littlest is entering 2nd oldest boy NEEDS to have a good year after the horrible one he had with Mrs. Gr.3, and my youngest son still doubts his abilities in school ( and he is so smart and capable!). So, good vibes for the kids are most welcome!

That my husband remains happy in his job ~ He works so hard, and some days he is so frustrated. Overall he likes his position, so here's hoping it remains that way for him.

A new purse ~ A frivolous wish to be sure, but why not! I have been searching for the perfect purse for over a year...not too big and mommy, not too small and useless, but just right. With and adjustable strap!

Weightloss ~ Yup, the perennial favourite. I've wished for it for years, and for nearly 4 months I've been working at it to be sure. Maybe I should be wishing for more energy so that I can do more and work harder.... but I wouldn't mind a little magic here!

So, that's it for now. There are thousands of little things I'd love, but these are the main things....oh, and a winning Lottery Ticket. I don't need the entire Jackpot, I'd share!    ;)

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  1. My girlfriend has the same problem. She can always find workout pants but never women's workout tops that fit her right.