Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day #43..Chugging Along

I'm one tired mama this week. My hubby will be home tomorrow, he's been away the last couple of weeks on a course....short one this time, we can do 2 weeks standing on our heads.
I have continued to exercise while he's been gone, and I feel good about that. I've also been eating fairly well, which doesn't always happen when he goes away.
I weighed myself this morning, and I'm down nearly 8 lbs over these last 43 days. Not a huge amount of weight, but things are moving in the right direction. I know my body is changing, my clothes tell the tale.

We've had a little excitement as well. My youngest son ( he's 7) passed out at school yesterday. Just fainted and fell forward on the gym floor....caught himself with his face. Poor kids was only out for a few moments, but woke up screaming. There was a lot of blood. Bloody nose, bloody lip. It was all over his white shirt, so that scared him even more.
He's never passed out before, which concerned me a little. He'd had a big breakfast before school, a big glass of water. So, we went over to the Emergency room ( our town is very small, so short wait times thankfully). The doc checked him out, and said son was ok. We went back for bloodwork this morning, but haven't heard back on that. I think the hardest thing for him was fasting until after the test. I had him back home and eating by 9am.
Tomorrow morning, Yoga Meltdown. Look out Jillian!


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