Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day #29............ Shred & so much more

 It's been a bit since I wrote anything. It was a busy long weekend, full of family, food and shopping! I love, love, love having my family a short 4 hour away. That may sounds like a long journey to some, but not us. For most of my adult life, we've lived a minimum of 12 hours away.

Saturday we got up very early to make the drive into the city. Dad had meetings, so the ladies went to WEM. For the very first time I was able to go to  Bath and Bodyworks.... have you ever been there? I am in love. Everything smells so yummy. I spent a lot, but could have spent more..... I should bookmark that website. 

Sunday was Easter. The kids managed to stay in bed until almost 7am before hitting the ground running to look for bunny eggs. Hubby prepped the two chickens to roast for dinner ( he is so good at it). Dad made fresh, homemade buns for us to have with dinner. I made peach crisp for dessert ( the easiest bit of the meal). The house smelled amazing, and it all tasted even better.

Everyone went their separate ways on Monday. My parents off toe BC for tax season, my sis back home to get ready for the work week. It was supposed to be hubby's last day home for a couple of weeks, so he packed and the kids played.

Early this morning ( I'm talking 3:15 am ) hubby was up, getting ready to go. His ride from the base was to pick him up at 4am. No one showed up, and after a few fruitless  phone calls ,  he decided to take his own car so he wouldn't miss his flight. It was a good plan, but he still missed his flight. See, there were these deer that decided they could wait another minute to get across the highway. Ron managed to miss the first one, but there was another right behind him. Maybe they were playing tag, who knows? Fortunately, Ron is ok, I'm so thankful for that! Sadly, the little blue car is damaged, and the seer didn't make it.  So much excitement before 6am! So, instead of flying to Quebec, Ron is waiting to hear from the insurance adjuster.

My morning was not nearly as exciting. I was up to do the Shred this morning, even though the kids are ( finally) on Spring Break. Today was Day #1 of Level 3. It is now my favourite Level! It's hard ( aren't they all), but it flew by! I fell to my knees a lot, and would have gladly punched Jillian if it would have meant an end to those samurai squat jump things. I am positive that I will be unable to climb stairs without wincing tomorrow.   ;o)

Hubby is leaving for Quebec tonight on the redeye. Looks like he'll make it for his course after all.

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  1. Samuri squats -- OUCH. But isn't the rest of it great??

    Poor Ron -- Poor Deer -- Poor Car.