Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day #41...... Next Phase....

It was a sunny Sunday, an actual Spring day. The sun was shining, with actual warmth, and nearly all the snow has melted.( Oh, I'd be glad to drop that word from my vocabulary for a few months.)
Yesterday was a rest day for me workout wise. I did a little Spring cleaning instead.. Gathered a bag of clothes from my closet for donation, purged the bathroom of all the nearly empty bottles I seem to save for no good reason. The bathroom looks so bright....the bedroom needs a little work yet. (Doesn't it always?)
This morning I was back on the workout wagon. Today was 12 Second Sequence, a workout I have done in the past. I was a little over-confident when I started. I figured, I'd done the 30DS, this has got to be easier than last time...nope, I was wrong. It's a strength workout, meant to be done twice a week. My abs are aching tonight, but I think I'll be ok for Jillian's Yoga Meltdown tomorrow morning.

Things that made me smile today:

*Jacob asking me if he had a tan after spending the afternoon outside
* Behn and Asher reading out on the deck this afternoon.
*Sihdney telling me she liked my cleaning when we cleared out her room today.

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