Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 32....Blowing Snow & Feeling the Burn!

 What a day. Just a normal Spring day here in small town Alberta. It started last night before I went to bed. If we lived near the ocean, it would have been a gorgeous, powerful gale. As we are landlocked here on the prairies, it was instead a whiteout. The flashing clocks in the house told the tale of a power outage, but I don't know when it happened, or for how long.....guess it doesn't matter much since we were all asleep.
I let myself sleep in a little. We had no big plans, no appointments to keep. Okay, not completely true, Jillian, as always, was waiting to kick my butt. I rolled out of bed around 8:30. It was a slow move, as my body had not yet forgiven me for 3 days in a row of Level 3 with Jillian.
First things first, the dogs needed out. I sprung them from their crate, and we went to the back door. Snow, drifts everywhere. The door is drifted, the dogs look at me like "WTH? This stuff was not here yesterday!" I put them on their ropes and shoved  sent them out to do their business. I'm not heartless. After I brought them in and dusted them off, I waded through the snow in my pj's ( dark plaid) and my lime green fleece...oh! I had pink winter boots on as well ( what a sight I'd have been, but I was hidden in the blowing snow), to the garage for the snow shovel. I broke trail ( is that the term?) with a hockey stick that had not been completely buried, and dug out around the garage door. I then made my way back, trying not to lose my breathe in the gusting wind. Took a few photos, dug out the back deck, and went into the house. Nothing like a brisk wind and shifting heavy wet snow to get you in the mood to do a Jillian workout.
I had to change. Flannel really isn't a fabrics I like to sweat in, and I was soaked through from the snow that had blown up at me. While Jillian was warming up in the DVD player, I got on my bras, knee straps, and gave myself a little pep talk.
Yesterday, and today, I really did NOT want to workout. My legs hurt, my arms hurt, I think I may have pulled something in my right calf. Any other point in my life, I would have allowed myself to use these things as an excuse to quit.
..............I didn't quit. I finished Day #4 of Level 3. Not my best performance,  but a complete one. Since I didn't do it on Monday, I have a weekend date with Jillian tomorrow morning. I didn't catch the Amazon today, but I've got her in my sights!  ;)
For fun tonight, I got on the Wii Fit. I am AWESOME on the yoga poses now! I should really do that every night. My Wii Fit age was 36...2 years older than I am. I'll aim for better this time next week.

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