Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day #30....Shred & Vomit...the Dogs' not Mine

So, it seems my dogs got into some garbage left for a brief time out on our back deck. They may have eaten some past due chili, veggies, and some chicken carcass scraps. They've both had the scoots, and a hard time keeping things down. Dexter seems to have come out the other side, but sweet, but stupid wiener dog, has not. You see, he eats poop. He waits for it to fall from his friend like it's the best treat ever ( maybe to him it is ). We try to pick it up every time they go out, but always Booth finds a nibble or 2. Sounds gross? You're right, it is disgusting!  I bathed them both last night, as they were somewhat stinky, and they made it through the night. So, I'm hoping he's nearly finished. It's gross, and as much as I'm a dog lover, I hate this.

I am obviously a complainer by nature, and this post is no different. Today was Day #2 of Level 3. Ouch. Really, that word doesn't cover it, but I'm too tired to think of something better.
I knew it was going to be rough as soon as I opened my eyes. I stretched, and that was when I realized just how sore I was. My inner thighs protested the most, and my outer thighs were definitely there supporting them. " No Shred!" they screamed.
I flopped my way through all 3 circuits...and believe me folks, flopping it was. I may not have made it strong though it all, but I was sure to never rest ( gasp) for more than a beat or 2.
At this point, I'd like to say that I LOVE seeing the Amazon struggle with some of the exercises. I mean, is she's finding it hard, then it's ok for me too. :)
Level 3 is hard. Yup, talk about a "duh" thing to say. It is Level 3 after all, it should be harder than the first 2 levels. I've heard it said that the Supermans are one of the most detested exercises in the routine. I don't mind them....who knows, maybe I'm doing them wrong. I'm still struggling the Samurai jumping squat things...and the Rockstar jumps. Apparently, I am no Rockstar.

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