Sunday, May 2, 2010

Neglecting the Blog

Hello loyal readers! Yes,'tis I, the absent blogging Mom. My adventures with the Screaming Meemies have kept me busy! Never fear, I'm back...though as my friend Hethr likes to say: "I feel and eye twitch coming on...."

The beef today is lunches. Specifically, school lunches for the kids. Our school is "Nut Aware", which is just another way of saying "NO NUTS". (In fact, Mrs. Gr.3 apparently is the one with the allergy in Behn's class.)
This makes most of my kids' favourite lunch foods off limits. "What's the big deal?" you might be asking....well, it gets to be tedious to find nut free things to send.
Yes, I can understand the argument that we want to keep kids in school safe. Yet, now, for the sake of the few, the majority of kids are limited in what they can bring to eat from home. I mean, I had the teachers ask me not to send anything with almonds either! SERIOUSLY? They aren't even a nut! ( I believe they're a fruit? Please correct me if I'm wrong).

So, once more, my kids are getting salad wraps with some lunch meat in them...yogurt, fruit, bar and a drink. They know not to share, not due to allergies, but to not eat other kids' germs. Twitch...twitch....twitch... ( go here to shop for your very own eye twitch products!)

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