Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day #65.....Battle with the Bosu Ball

I am really sore this morning. I gave everything |I had to my Yoga Meltdown workout yesterday, and I am surely feeling it today.
So, I decided to give the BOSU ball another try. I started out with the "Cardio Blast" section. I made it 15 minutes out of 30, and I am pretty darn proud of that. I have mentioned before that I am lacking in the grace and co-ordination imagine me doing fast aerobics, landing on an unstable surface repeatedly.
After 15 minutes, I decided I had to stop. My feet were cramping and my dogs were shaking in fear that I might fall and squish one of them.
I didn't feel like I was done yet, so I moved onto the "Long and Lean" workout on the same DVD. It's a combination of yoga an pilates moves...less bouncing=less chance of falling hard on the floor ( the dogs), but I dropped during plenty of the poses, rolled off the ball a few times.

I guess the moral of this disjointed blog post is: I didn't quit. I nearly feet are cramping, my arms are burning, but I feel good because I FINISHED.

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