Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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It's been awhile, over a month since I even logged in. Not to say I haven't written anything, but I've been posting elsewhere. It's all been about my exercise journey and weightloss.....not all fit for viewing by the public. 

There's more to life than my recent lifestyle changes, I'm still working on trying to find a balance.

The school year is (finally) coming to an end. I'm really looking forward to not fighting with the teachers about my little square pegs ( kids) not fitting into their little round holes....oh wait, not true. Sihdney has yet ANOTHER OT assessment in mid-July, in preparation for Gr.1. 

I have a huge rant brewing inside me, after night #2 of obnoxious teens partying in the yard next door. To be fair, maybe some of them weren't obnoxious, but the loudest ones always wreck it for the group. It seems they were having a Bush Party....but instead of having it in the Bush, they had it in the comfort of the yard nextdoor. The fire was burning, the smell of melting plastic in the air. Seems they had a group of boys who thought yelling "WOO!!!!!!!!!" at the top of their lungs was a good way to attract girls ( doubtful). The empties are strewn all over their yard, but on the brightside, my fence isn't broken this time. 
Not sure where the adults were....perhaps they were sleeping, in the house, but with the noise, I don't see how. Today I am going to find out the after hours number for the Bylaw Officer.... yup, I'm going to be a funsucker.

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