Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ways to Improve the Day

Today I did C25K again. I'm on Week 3, Day #2. I ran every interval today, the 3 minute and the 90 second ones! I am trying to change the cadence in my head to "Ga-Zelle, Ga-Zelle" instead of the previous loop of "Hip-po, Hip-po" that I usually hear each time my feet hit the ground. I mostly succeeded too. ( Might be something to this ChiRunning book I'm reading). I felt pretty comfortable, right until half way through my last 3 minute run. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a black shadow moving ( remember, I don't wear my glasses when I run), and it kind of surprised me, until it registered in my brain that is was a woman and her dog. But, in that moment of surprise, I misjudged my first step onto the foot bridge...and something twinged in my left calf. I finished the interval, albeit more slowly and gingerly. it's still tender, but not horrible. I got home in time to do 15 minutes of strength training too! Feeling the burn!
While out for my morning exercise, I had a little time to think....that must be a sign it's getting easier. I used to only have surviving on my mind, but now I can think of other things too....

Ways to Improve the Day

~ A way to be able to wear my glasses while running ( or otherwise exerting myself) when it's cool outside. Between the sweat making them slip down my nose, and the heat from my face fogging them up, it's very frustrating.

~ Stopping for a coffee, and sitting down in the shop to drink it, even though you're alone. It's nice to see 4 different walls and a few different faces.

~ A hot shower and some super sudsy, awesome smelling bodywash.  Dark Kiss is my new favourite treat. I know I should be responsible and use a water saver and turn the flow to a trickle while washing...but, let's face it folks, it's not nearly as relaxing that way.

OK, so, these things aren't Earth shattering, but they do make my day a little better.....and, in the interest of full disclosure, I had a lot more great ideas while I was running in the dark. Problem is, that was 6 hours agao, and I didn't write them down, Maybe next time.

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