Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well, What Now?

All my kids are in school 5 days a week now. All 4. Long have I awaited this day. No diapers, no naps, no whinging and crying.....I imagined my days to be soul soothing and relaxing, full of all the things I was never able to do when the kiddos were little.

Well, I have had all this "free" time for nearly a month's not everything I thought it would be. I know, shocking ( insert sarcastic font).

I have my cleaning job twice a week ( more time with me, myself and I), so at least I see 4 other walls a couple times a week. I go grocery shopping ( my fridge, storage room shelves and pantry are full to bursting), and I work out a few days a week.

This probably sounds like a good deal to those of you that work full time, and wish your schedule was as wide open (like a dark, yawning chasm) as mine. In a lot of ways, I am very thankful for my lack things to do. It makes it easy for me to take the Princess to her Speech and OT appointments. If one of my children are sick, no problem getting time off to stay home with them. The ability to just decide to pack the kids up and head down to my parents' place for a long weekend is priceless.

Here's where I am though, despite all those wonderful blessings. I am lonely, and I am going to go shack wacky once the weather turns....and it will, we do live in Alberta after all.

There are a few things I'd love to do.....but one that has been circling around in my mind for years is: PHOTOGRAPHY! I love taking pictures, always have. I'd love to take fabulous pictures, maybe make it into a business, instead of just a hobby.

I don't even need to practice on other people right 4 gorgeous kids will make fabulous (free) models. My little dog could have his own calendar. I could fill SD card after SD card with shots of the clouds that roll through these big, wide prairie skies! ( see, I am excited about it!)

After I went for boudoir shots ( yes, and they are beautiful!), I was so, so happy. I want to make people feel like that!

I could take a course online, learn the tricks of the trade, lighting, editing, all that jazz. I'd need a decent camera. The one I own presently is persnickety ('s almost ready.....crap, missed it!). I'd also need a little $$$$$$.............nothing is free folks ( as I keep telling my kids).

Anyone willing to donate for the good of my education?????   ;)


  1. I will offer to be a model! I could use a new fancy smancy looking profile pic

  2. Well, I'll let you know if I ever get to do the course.