Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How Much Do I Owe the Swear Jar?

On the schedule this morning: C25K, Week 4, Day up at the crack o`stupid, geared up, and hit the road.
I was sore from my workout yesterday ( more on that later), but not horribly so (ie: I didn`t squeak when getting into a sitting position).
I did the 5 minute brisk walk to warm up, and was totally ready for the first interval. The chime thingy sounded, and off I went. I was being very careful, trying to stay on beat ( I ran too fast last time) and for about a minute I felt awesome! I was just thinking "I can do this!", as I stepped up from the street to the sidewalk....and felt this horrible, searing pain in my calf ( same one from a few runs back).....I'm not proud, but I cursed...ok, I let loose a string of bad words. ( It was early, no one was around).

I stopped (obviously), stretched a little, and tried to walk. Well, that hurt (insert more bad words). So, I hobbled home and stuck an ice pack on it.

I am bummed. 

Now, a little backtracking.....

Yesterday I did a new workout. Jillian Michael's, "Shred it: With Weights". Oh boy, how do I describe how much I LOVE this dvd! emoticon It was hard, but in a good way. Oddly, never did the urge to curse at Jillian cross, my mind ( I can't afford all this swearing!), and I was surprised at how quickly the time passed.
Now, I haven't tried the 2nd level, so, maybe, there are more curse-worthy moments in that workout.

I hope I heal up quickly....I have the ice pack on my leg, ibuprofen downrange, now the waiting begins.....and Fluffy is rubbing her hands together, hoping that this will spell the end of my exercise kick ( as she calls it).....don't hold you're breathe chick.

PS: We don't have an actual swear jar. ;)


  1. Jillian's new vid didn't earn a curse? Is it worth it then??

    Hmmm...i may have to try this out!!

  2. Oh, It is a good workout, and there are a couple of moves where I was like " Seriously?". When In feel better, I'll try level 2.