Sunday, September 5, 2010

School, Shopping and Dustbunnies.....

Every year I think that the new year should begin when school starts again. I guess that wouldn't work world-wide, or even province wide, so no one seems to begin at the same time. A massive over-haul of the educations system would be needed, for this reason, and so many others. If I ran the world.....

So, the kids are back in school. 2 are very happy about it, the Oldest is a little more wary (he started Junior High), and 2nd Born is reserving judgment  after his bad year with Mrs. Gr.3.

The first week ( well, 4 days) went well for all. Smiles were seen on every face at the end of the day, each one competing to tell us all about their day. We were eaten out of house and home.  It seems learning increases the appetites of young ones ten-fold!

Hubby was on leave this past week as well,, so I wasn't left to my own devices. It was nice to have him home, since he worked so hard all summer. He helped with the kids in the morning, took me out for lunch, and he sent me into the city for some shopping and quality time with a buddy.

The shopping was fun. Got me some great workout gear, since a lot of mine is falling off my (painfully) slowly shrinking bod. Tracked down a pair of "winter" Fivefingers Flows, not at MEC, but another store in Edmonton. When real winter hits, I'm sure I'll be moving the workouts indoor, but until it gets too cold, I'm going to keep on with learning to run. I also found some warmer running pants at Lululemon, and some gloves. So, no excuses, I'll keep on with the whole thing.
I'd like to say right here how absolutely lovely all the women at the Lululemon store in Kingsway Garden Mall ( Edmonton) were. No one was too busy to give me information or product recommendations, to tell me when they thought that something else would be better for my needs than what I was thinking of. So, THANK YOU to all the folks that were working on Friday.

I spent the night with my buddy, and her two little girls. My buddy ordered pizza and a salad for us from our favourite joint, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. ( Thanks buddy, it was just what I needed.) We also watched "Death at a Funeral" , which was nearly as funny as the  2007 version.

The remainder of the weekend is for sorting through the kids' dressers ( done), finding the back-to-school clothes that I stashed over the summer ( check), bake for breakfasts and lunches for the week, and try to knock back Mt. Washmore a bit.

I often wonder if there's more to life, if somehow I am missing out on some big spiritual element of my being....but then I look at what I do have to do, and wonder how I'd ever find the time to discover the right path. So, I shall ponder the rumbling of the washing machine, and try to find some insight in the dustbunnies I will be vacuuming up later.

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