Monday, August 23, 2010

A Compilation of Blog Posts ......

I blog on a health website I am a part of. I thought I'd share some of those posts here.

 Aug 15/2010
Me, a Runner? Never Know Until I Try....

So, I've been saying I was going to do the C25K program for a while now. I have my shoes, my new bra( see earlier blogs)....looks like I've run out of excuses not to try.

I wish I had a treadmill. The scariest part for me is DOING IT IN PUBLIC! I know, get over myself and get on with it. It's easy to say (type), and I can give that advice to anyone else. Yet, the idea of taking my jiggly bits out on the road is a teeny bit terrifying.

We live in a small town, but even walking for exercise earns me odd looks. I can't believe the short distances people drive around here ( subject for another blog).

I am considering getting up close to sunrise and heading out...less looky-loos I'd think. Oh dear, what's a girl to do? 

Aug 17/2010

Jillian Vs Fluffy

Both are formidable forces in their own right. Both are stubborn, both are positive they are right, and both will yell if they find it necessary.

I had to fight my way awake this morning. (Fluffy hit the snooze 3 times!). When I did pry my eyes open, and turned over...ouch. My Butt and my thighs were a little tight...ok, a lot tight. I was smart this time, I slowly stretched everything out until things loosened up.

Fluffy figured a stretch was great, then we should continue the turn back into the pillow and catch a few more zzz's.

I'm hip to her jive though, so I put both feet on the floor and walked right out of my room.

I wasn't sure what the workout was going to be when I went to bed last night(remember,no superpowers in the planning area), but my stiff legs decided for me. Jillian Michaels " Yoga Meltdown".

It's been awhile since I'd seen Jillian. She still looking rock hard, good to see.  Fluffy says we shouldn't be friends with a girl like that....Fluffy is jealous.

I found it a little hard this morning, especially the chataranga push-ups. I'm not sure if I'll ever master those. I keep on trying though!

Not sure how long Fluffy is going to hang on for. I've never been good at confrontation..... 

 Thursday, August 19, 2010

C25K: Week #1, Day #2....Fluffy is quietly laughing....

I was feeling good, even a little bit smug when I got up this morning. My alarm went off, and I got right out of bed. No snooze....I do believe Fluffy was still in La-La Land. Got into my gear, wiggled my toes into my Fivefingers, and out the door I went. I grabbed the Off! on the deck and sprayed myself down ( ha ha bloodsucking mosquitoes), and turned on my Podrunner podcast.
It was cool, a little damp, but I felt good as I walked to the park/manmade lake. I got to Wallace Park before the first running interval, and that put a bounce in my step. Then, the signal to start running sounded in my ears, and off I went.

At this point, Fluffy woke up.

I struggled through every running interval today. On Monday, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, today it was harder than it should have been. Fluffy was whispering in my ear " Just go home, running sucks.".....but I kept going going. " You look ridiculous, chubby girl trying to run."....... didn't stop. " Your going to be sore later."....kept going, I've been sore before.

Fluffy's still chuckling away, but I dumped a big glass of water and a bowl of raisin bran on her. The kids will be up soon, and they're way louder than she is!

August 20/2010
Who's Laughing Now???
Ok, so, maybe no one is laughing this morning..... but I'm not unhappy. Fluffy, is mostly sitting the back, waiting to see if I do Day #3 of C25K tomorrow.
I opted for Jillian's "Yoga Meltdown" again this morning. I found that on Tuesday is really helped loosen up my legs and feet, and I needed a good stretch and a good workout. I really love level 1 of that DVD ( which is what I did today), but not level 2. Since it was Friday, I did what I like! 

Today was also weigh in day. For weeks I have had ZERO scale movement. Holding steady is better than gaining, I'll agree with that. Fluffy has felt pretty darn secure, watching me sweat away during my workouts with no number shift.

But, this morning.....finally this morning............THE SCALE WENT DOWN! Not much, not even 2 lbs, but down all the same. I did a little happy dance in the bathroom ( you all know the one). Fluffy said I shouldn't gloat. TOO BAD CHICK! Your days are numbered. 

August 21/2010
 3 are better than 1!
Saturday Morning! It's cool, it rained all night, it felt more like October than August. When the alarm went off, I almost went back to bed....Fluffy and my hubby both said "Come back to bed." I did, for a moment, pull the blankets up to my chin. I couldn't do it though, I had to go do day #3 of the C25K. I didn't want all my efforts for the past week to go to waste.
So, up I got. Put on my new workout shirt ( with the teeny pocket for my Ipod). When I came out of the bedroom, I was surprised to see my hubby getting on his running gear. It's his first Saturday off in 2 months, and he got up early to come out with me. emoticon We even brought our little 7lb ( but thinks he's a Mastiff) terrier with us.

Fluffy was ticked! "We don't like to exercise with others"...........well, I will today. " He can really run, we can't!".......he'll slow down for me. " He's going to laugh at us!" he won't, he's proud of all the work I've done.

It was cold! The wind was blowing, and with it being flat prairie all around, no break in the airflow.

We did every interval! No skipping, no stopping early, no slacking today. I kept to the beat of the Podrunner music, and I felt strong! It still hurt a little, I even had a bit of a stitch in my side, but it was good!

Hubby gave me a wonderful compliment too. Told me that I have a good jogging stride. Me? Stride? (Fluffy had nothing to say on this point. HA!) I have been feeling like I'm just shuffling along, but, apparently, I have a STRIDE!

I am planning on starting week #2 on Monday, we'll see how it goes. If I have to, I will do week 1 again. It's not a race, it's a journey.


Who's Idea Was This?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 2, Day #1 of's done a dusted. Well, there was no dust, due to the cool, damp, rainy morning we're having.
It was hard to get up ( a recurring theme in my blogs, you may have noticed). I am absolutely NOT a morning person. Yet, up I got. Opted for long yoga pants and a fleece after freezing on Saturday morning's outing.
I was on my own today, hubby decided to sleep. The first 90 second interval was awesome! I jogged the whole thing, and felt good doing it. Walked 60 seconds when Podrunner told me to, then the signal sounded to jog again..... oh dear.
My left foot cramped! The arch of my foot hurt so much! My recently discovered "stride" faltered, and I had to walk for a moment.

The rest of the "run" went pretty much like that. I gave it my best with each interval, but only completed 3 of them. I caught myself thinking that I should go back to week 1 and do it again. I'm still on the fence about it.....I'll see how I feel tomorrow morning.

I also took a page out of YOOVIE's book (blog)
) and did a little ST this morning when I got home, and then settled down at the table with my "sexy breakfast" of Quinoa salad and watermelon. Yum!

Fluffy mumbled a lot while I was out this morning. She even gave a little fist pump when I started thinking about doing week one again. I'll keep on just to drive her nuts! 

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